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Name the geological formation after certain fossils!

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FossilsFormationextra hints
Stegosaurus, Torvosaurus, BrachiosaurusReally famous.
Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, AnkylosaurusThis one too.
Anomalocaris, Opabinia, Marrellastill famous
Lunaspis, Schinderhannes, PalaeoisopusAdd 'slate' to the german state
Postosuchus, Placerias, DesmatosuchusIt ain't Ghost Ranch
Piscogavialis, Thalassocnus, MegalodonThe answer's right there!
Obdurodon, Trilophosuchus, GangurooCreek-sled
Styracosaurus, Parasaurolophus, SpinopsIt's got Dinosaurs.
Confuciusornis, Yutyrannus, RepenomamusPart of Jehol Group
Velociraptor, Protoceratops, TsaaganDifficult to spell, easy to search
Saltasaurus, Willinakaqe, AustroraptorSounds like a name for a kid
Arsinoiitherium, Ptolemaia, AegyptopithecusDon't add the 'u'
Gogonasus, Eastmanosteus, BothriolepisA famous all-female band
Cryolophosaurus, Glacialisaurus, TritylodonA famous, kinda feminine boy band
Gigatitan, Sharovipteryx, MadygenerpetonThe answer's right there!
FossilsFormationextra hints
Tropeognathus, Tapejara, AraripesuchusA famous latin rock artist
Carcharodontosaurus, Rugops, KaprosuchusIt's neither Bahariya nor Kem Kem
Astrapotherium, Phorusrhacos, BrontornisSynonymous with the state it lies in
Atopodentatus, Mixosaurus, Sinosaurosphargis(Heavy Mandarin)
Nothosaurus, Cyamodus, TanystropheusOoh, another German formation! Tricky, eh?
Dracovenator, Heterodontosaurus, SphenosuchusAdd upper to a boy's name
Endothiodon, Pareiasaurus, AenigmastropheusA type of pasta without the 'F'
Carbonemys, Titanoboa, CerrejonisuchusThe answer's right there!
Mazonia, Calligenethlon, ArchaeothyrisIt ain't Mazon Creek
Aegirocassis, Furca, PiraniaAn Ordovician Lagerstatten
Buxolestes, Asiatosuchus, ParoodectesLook, I'm not German. I just put it because they have simple names.
Campylognathoides, Barapasaurus, KotasaurusThe answer's right there!
Volaticotherium, Castorocauda, YiYYYYYYEEEEEE
Vahiny, Simosuchus, Beelzebufo'Rano' not 'Naro'
Iguanodon, Neovenator, PolacanthusHas 'sex' in the name. Teehee

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