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The Industrial Revolution

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Thomas Newcomen
James Watt
Karl Marx
Adam Smith
People who invested in new business
When people got kicked off their farm and farms became bigger, what is this movement
Where the Industrial Revolution began?
Cottage Industry is also known as the what?
Who believed that the government should not interfere in economics?
Slums are a result of what?
Proletariats vs. Bourgeoisie is what form of govt?
Cottage industry, Laissez Fairre and Mercantilism are all forms of what?
Number of exports outnumbers imports is an example of what?
What was the first industry in England?
What was the key to the Industrial Revolution?
The key source of power of the Industrial Revolution was?
Thomas Malthus believed what was unavoidable?
People moved from where to where in the Industrial Revolution?

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