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Can you name the Christmas carols from lyrics that have been altered to be about other holidays?

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Altered LyricChristmas CarolActual Lyric
Ramadan: ''The stars in the sky looked down where he fasted''
Passover: ''Bringing good unleavened bread to young and old, meek and the bold''
Mother's Day: ''This child that you delivered will soon make a card for you''
Valentine's Day: ''The hopes and romances of all the years''
Arbor Day: ''Let earth receive her trees''
Thanksgiving: ''And the turkeys in reply, echoing their joyous strains''
Kwanzaa: ''Rejoice! Rejoice! Mishumaa Saba''
Halloween: ''God and trick-or-treaters reconciled''
Groundhog Day: ''In a one-groundhog open sleigh''
Mardi Gras: ''How lovely are thy beads''
Hanukkah: ''Chestnuts roasting on an open menorah''
Bastille Day: ''Bearing French flags we traverse afar''
Veterans Day: ''Peace on the earth, goodwill to veterans''
Father's Day: ''Our father's gifts we bring, pa rum pum pum pum''
St. Patrick's Day: ''It is the night of our dear leprechaun's birth''
Martin Luther King Day: ''Come and behold him, born Martin Luther King of angels''
Labor Day: ''Relax in heavenly peace''
Independence Day: ''Whom Americans greet with anthems sweet''
Easter: ''Oh baskets of comfort and joy, comfort and joy''
Boxing Day: ''Said the night wind to the little empty boxes''

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