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Can you name the answers to Toy Story trilogy questions?

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Forced Order
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Toy Story was released in what year?
Woody becomes jealous of...
Andy and his mother attend dinner at this restaurant before moving...
What color is the pizza truck in the film?
What is the name of the bully who takes Andy's toys?
What gift does Andy recieve at the end of the film that make the toys uneasy?
Toy Story 2 was released in what year?
Woody gets taken trying to save...
The man who takes Woody works at...
Woody's television show is called...
The cowgirl's name is...
The portly man with the axe is named...
Woody's horse is named...
The toys are planned to be in a museum in...
Buzz's arch nemesis is named...
What color was the suitcase the toys were held in?
What new feature did the new Buzz have that the old one did not?
The cowgirl's former owner was named...
Toy Story 3 is set for release in what year?

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