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Highest MD state court
People from an interest group who go to Congress to persuade them to their group's cause
A rule made by the President that's like a law
A proposed law
Highest federal court
Branch that has interprets the law and has the court system
Regulatory agency that would oversee the safety of the products you made for the Diamond Challenge
Trial where there's a persecution and prison sentence for a felony or misdemeanor
Yet another word a law
Part of an interest group that funds political candidates
Lowest federal and state court
Problems with regulatory agencies include overlap, biasness, and lack of ___
Branch that creates the laws and has Congress or the General Assembly
Branch that executes the law and has the regulatory agencies
Another word for a law
Trial where there's a plaintiff and fine for contract, property, family, or torts
Principles that govern a person's behavior
A middle level court at the federal and state levels

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