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QUIZ: Can you name the quarterfinalists from the 2014 season of America's Got Talent?

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Round Eliminated and Type of ActAnswerAdditional info
Winner, Magician
Runner-up, Singer
3rd place, Acrobatic GroupWon QF Judges' Choice
4th place, BandWon Top 12 Finals Snapple Save
5th place, Singer
6th place, Singer/GuitaristWon Top 12 Finals Judges' Choice
7th place. Rock Cellist DuoLost Top 12 Finals Judges' Choice
Finalist. Shadow Dance DuoWon SF Snapple Save
Finalist, Hand BalancerWon SF Judges' Choice
Finalist, Magician DuoWon SF Judges' Choice
Finalist, SingerWon QF Judges' Choice, Won SF Snapple Save
Finalist, MystifierLost QF Judges' Choice, Howie Mandel's WC into SF
Semifinalist, AerialistLost SF Judges' Choice
Semifinalist, Hand Balancer
Semifinalist, Ballet Dance GroupMel B's WC for SF after elimination in QF
Semifinalist, Stand-Up Comedian
Semifinalist, Jump Rope TeamLost QF Judges' Choice, Heidi Klum's WC into SF
Semifinalist, Singer
Semifinalist, Salsa Dance GroupWon QF Judges' Choice
Semifinalist, Singer/Guitarist
Semifinalist, Singer and Band
Semifinalist, SingerWon QF Judges' Choice
Semifinalist, Close-Up MagicianLost SF Judges' Choice
Semifinalist, Stand-Up ComedienneHoward Stern's WC for SF after elimination in QF
Round Eliminated and Type of ActAnswerAdditional info
Quarterfinalist, Chinese Dance Group
Quarterfinalist, Strongman
Quarterfinalist, Singer
Quarterfinalist, Tap Dance Duo
Quarterfinalist, Family Band
Quarterfinalist, Balancing Acrobats
Quarterfinalist, Opera DuoLost QF Judges' Choice
Quarterfinalist, Stand-Up Comedian
Quarterfinalist, Dance Group
Quarterfinalist, Salsa Dance Duo
Quarterfinalist, Rollerskate Dancer
Quarterfinalist, Band
Quarterfinalist, Wild West Performer
Quarterfinalist, Pianist
Quarterfinalist, Singer/Guitarist
Quarterfinalist, Indian Folk Dance GroupSelected from the Today Show to compete in QF
Quarterfinalist, Dance Trio
Quarterfinalist, Rock Band
Quarterfinalist, Card Thrower
Quarterfinalist, Dance Group
Quarterfinalist, Balancing Acrobat
Quarterfinalist, Acrobatic Dance Group
Quarterfinalist, Contortionist
Quarterfinalist, ChoirLost QF Judges' Choice

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