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Can you name the Ovid's Metamorphoses Characters?

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Can you name these Ovid Characters?CharacterTrivia
Waiting for her lover in the night, this woman was scared away by a lioness.
This man was enraptured by is own reflection in a pool of water
This woman was bitten by a snake on her ankle, and killed shortly after her wedding.
This goddess was too tall, and her nymphs could not cover up her naked body.
This nymph asked her father to turn her into a tree
This nymph was punished for distracting Juno because she spoke too much.
This man lost his wife when he glanced at her as they were leaving the underworld.
This man was turned into a stag and hunted down by his own dogs.
This god was struck by Cupid's golden arrow.
After seeing the lioness pawing his lover's veil, this man believed his lover to be dead and committed suicide.

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