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How long is the statue of liberty's index finger
Where in Chile has rain never been recorded
About how long will a 75 year old person have slept
What mammal can't walk backwards
What is the name of the hummingbird that weighs less than a penny
What word has the most definitions
What color is most attracting to a mosquito
About how many acres of pizza is eaten every day in the USA
How many emails did Bill Clinton send as president
What takes more calories to eat then the calories gained
How long does the average person wait for traffic lights
really toughtryNo cheating
How many hearts does an octopus have
If you ate a lot of carrots would you turn orange
What animal has the largest brain
What animal weighs as much as a blue whale
About how manly people have fallen off the tower of pisa
What animal is born after it kills its embryo relatives
How many muscles does it take to frown
How far can bamboo grow in 24 hours
What is the only other animal to have a finger print
How many miles away can a lions roar be heard

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