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Character descriptionCharacter
Wears a yellow shirt with a black, jagged stripe
Yellow bird
Totes his blanket around
Bossy, but offers psychiactic help
Loves her 'sweet baboo'
Plays the piano, loves Beethoven
The only african-american character
The dirtiest character
Has 'naturally curly hair'
Plays the shepherd in 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'
Another bossy character
Always plays 'Chuck' in baseball
Wears huge spectacles
Snoopy's alter ego
Character descriptionCharacter
Snoopy's 'fuzzy' brother
Snoopy's 'large' brother
Snoopy's brother that lives in the desert
Snoopy's alter ego (on top of his doghouse)
Supposedly hands out gifts to good children
The arch rival of the doghouse 'dogfights'
Snoopy's 'smart' brother
Snoopy's sister (with a pink dress)
Snoopy's last brother
Snoopy's mother
Snoopy's other sister
The last of the Van Pelts
Charlie Brown's crush
Charlie Brown's girlfriend (1990's)
Linus's School teacher

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