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Humans and other creatures that walk upright
Major city of Byzantine Empire
Muslim who won victories over Crusaders
English body of representatives
Time when Protestant churches were created
Modern country controlled by Mughal Empire
Major empire that emerged in Americas
Farming revolution 10,000 years ago
Capital city under Abbasid Empire
First great city of the Russian state
United Mongols for first time
Final powerful leader of Kingdom of Franks
Group entrusted to select new pope
Important trade item for Ghana Empire
Helped Ottoman Empire reach its height
Crop that helped Jamestown prosper
Founder of Islam
Most practiced religion in India today
Major mainland empire in Southeast Asia
Land given to noble in exchange of loyalty
Spanish court that tried people for heresy
Birthplace of the Renaissance
English king who broke away from Church
Type of ship that aided exploration
Chinese dynasty that restricted trade
Voyage that brought slaves to Americas
Official language used in Muslim worship
Japanese religion based on respect for nature
Class of people legally tied to land
Document that expanded rights of English
Genius of Italian Renaissance art
City in which John Calvin formed theocracy
Modern nation controlled by Safavids
Disease most devastating to Native Americans
Best-known Byzantine leader
Lord's estate in feudal Europe
Great empire of early West Africa
Age when Renaissance spread to England
Ghazi who began rule of Ottoman Empire
Sailed around tip of South America
Feudal nobleman who were warriors
Organizations that developed to protect workers
German who developed printing press
His 95 theses helped ignite Reformation
Massive shrine built by Mughals
Spain financed his voyages
Global transfer of food, plants, and animals
Area captured by Muslim Turks in 1089
Belief that god has selected those to be saved
Ur was an early city to develop here

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