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Large landmasses on the Earth
Zero line for measuring longitude
Map element that shows distances
All the water on the Earth
Map element that shows purpose
Sun's direct rays strike the Equator
Spherical exact model of the Earth
Collection of maps
Shows meaning of symbols and colors
Zero line for measuring latitude
Sun's direct rays strike one of Tropics
The solid crust of the planet
Weather conditions over long period
Movement of sediment from place to place
Hooked piece of land extending into water
Statistical study of human population
Movement of people to cities
Study of the Earth/how people live on it
Element that shows cardinal directions
Lines of latitude
Half of the Earth
This movement causes seasons
All living things on the Earth
A country with a low standard of living
Lines of longitude
Flat representation of part of Earth
This movement causes day and night
Envelope of gases that surrounds Earth
Group of several or many islands
Representing round Earth on flat surface
Movement of continents over time
Buildup of materials at mouth of a river
Spread of ideas from group to group
Factors that draw people to a place
Time between midnight and noon

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