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____ Rules!
No I will not _____ with you!
______? More like Boreophyll!
Have some more ______. I made 'em extra sloppy for yous. I know how yous kids like 'em sloppy.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and ________
If your gonna stay home today, __________
Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, ___________
Oh my God, Old Man Clemens hates ____
He called the **** _____
Of course I peed my pants, everyone my age pees their pants, ______
Shampoo is better. I go on first and clean the hair. Conditioner is better. I leave the hair _________
Where's my _____!?
Touch her boobs? Thats ______ brotha!
Mortal Kombat, on Sega Genesis, is the best video game ever. I disagree, it's a very good game, but I think Donkey Kong is the best game ever. Donkey Kong ______!
Mom, that's Billy. He's in my class. I heard he's _________ or something.
That Veronica Vaughn is one piece of ace, I know from _________ dude. If you know what I mean.
Everybody on, good, great, grand, wonderful. ____________!
If peeing in your pants is cool, consider me ___________
Who would steal ____ bagged lunches?
Well, ______ doesn't put the Triscuit crackers in my stomach now, does it Karl?
Oh Veronica Vaughn. So hot, want to touch the ______
It's too damn hot for a ________ to be just walkin' around here.

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