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Can you name the facts about World War II firearms?

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Forced Order
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The only semi-automatic standard-issue rifle of the war
Adolf Hitler's favorite rifle, predecessor of the 'Karbiner' version, and issued to the SS by Hitler's request
This submachine gun got its nickname because it looked like a mechanic's tool
The Lee Enfield came from which country?
Who said a certain American rifle was the 'greatest battle implement ever devised?'
This rifle's gas system was designed by a man who was in prison at the time
This pistol's caliber was originally developed to combat tribal warriors in the Philippines
This Mormon weapons designer developed many weapons for the US that were used in the war
The designation for the US semiautomatic sniper rifle
This semi-automatic German rifle had detachable magazines
An American typewriter company that stopped typewriter production to make arms
The caliber of the German Luger pistol
The 'ACP' in .45 ACP stands for
This country stamped a Chrysanthemum on every rifle
SMLE stands for
This rifle was made purposely in secret against Hitler's orders
The designation for the US bolt-action sniper rifle
Before the war, this weapon's nickname was the 'Chicago Typewriter'
This rifle was a favorite of the Fallschirmjäger, for which the rifle was specially designed for
The caliber of the Lee Enfield
Designation for the US 30 caliber machine gun
This Soviet semiautomatic rifle saw widespread action in the war, although the design was complicated
This 1944 modification of the Lee Enfield was intended for tropical locations and the far east
John C. Garand, the inventor of the M1 Garand, was a native of this country
John Garand worked at this arms manufacturer company as a designer
This weapon is paralleled as the 'British BAR'
BAR stands for
This nation developed the first 'assault rifle'
This US rifle was considered weak in stopping power, but was extremely light and portable
This Soviet rifle, named after both its inventors, has a designation of M91/30
This Soviet carbine rifle had a fixed, folding bayonet
This type of pistol featured a unique 'break top' function
This German rifle had a complex muzzle-trap gas system and was loaded via stripper clips
This 7.7mm Arisaka rifle was used by the Japanese military
This rifle was used (or is said to have been used) to assassinate US President John Kennedy
This US rifle was originally used in World War I, but modernized and sniper versions were used in World War II
The designation of the Luger pistol
This submachine gun, was still used by US forces up until and during the Gulf War
This machine gun was first issued in 1934, chambered in 7.92mm x 57mm
This family of British machine guns was also mounted on aircraft
The Soviet standard-issue pistol
The open-bolt 30 caliber weapon that had 20-round detachable magazines
This single-shot pistol was dropped into German-occupied territories to arm resistance fighters
This Soviet submachine gun was designed by Georgi Shpagin, was a favorite of German soldiers, and featured an extremely high rate of fire
This recoil-driven rifle was designed for the War Department, but the Garand was picked instead
This Japanese submachine gun was the only SMG to be made in any number
This weapon's nickname is the 'Ma Duce'
Winston Churchill was very fond of this German pistol he used to defend himself in his military days during the Second Boer War
This submachine gun was preferred by British Commandos
This feared weapon was implemented specifically by the USMC to deal with the jungle environment and to combat the threat of Samuri sword attacks; it also could attach a bayonet

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