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Can you name the levels from the Tony Hawk series given the gaps?

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Forced Order
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Level gapsLevel
Leap of Faith!!!
Rock the Bells!
Roll Call! Gonz Rail!
Bento Box Gap
Donburi to Donburi Transfer
Hamaguri Gap
Arf! Arf! Arf!
Banner Gap 1!
Hungry, Hungry Hippo Pool
Big Enchilada Mama
Wussy Rollin Gap
Way to Go Gringo!!!
Parlez-Vous Skate?
Secret Room
Taxi Gap
Holy Shi...
Time 2 Feed the Volcano
Pit O' Doom!!!
Down 2 Tony's Island
On the Pipe Again
Train Transfer 1 of 4
You Earned That $5!
Clock Tower Grind
Traffic Light Grind
THPS Fountain Gap
World's Most Obvious Gap
Chillin' on the Balcony
Pagoda Gap
Down the Spiral
Lombard Gap
Bus Stop
Ye Old Fountain
Top 'O the Gallery
Level gapsLevel
Church 2 Church
Eternal Propaganda
Lenin 2 Bleachers
Triple X Hop
Going Ballistic
Canyon Jump
Muska's Gap
Wee Lil' Roof Gap
Over the Hill
Parking Lot Mini Gap
The Haunted Mine
Ferry Princess
Bridge Gap 1!
Jump Ship!
Section C
Ho Brah! Dass DJ Qbert!!!
Speaker Lip
Pouncer Was Here
Banks Fence Gap
Joey's Sculpture
Bucket O' Hot Sauce
Catwalk Grind
Control Booth Transfer
EMB Ledge Hop
Hubba Transfer
Pier Perch
90 FT
Into the Heli
T2T Gap
BS Grind
Secret Tunnel Entrance
9 1/2 Point Landing!
Hey...Nice Spear!
Lofty Grind!

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