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Can you name the movies released in 2016 by their bad descriptions and character confusion?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionMovieReferred Actor
Curtis Everett and Paul Avery fight... for 12 minutes.
Borat loses track of time.
Stephen Hawking goes hunting.
Dirk Diggler gets oiled up.
Steve Jobs goes to Spain to kill people.
Green Lantern tries a red costume.
Andrew Neiman takes up boxing.
Forrest Gump mistakes his plane for a boat.
Dan Dunne and Gwen Stacy sing and dance like it's 1952.
Hal Larson finds other pandas.
Steve Prefontaine adds nothing to a superhero movie.
Dr. Ian Malcolm fights aliens again.
The Scorpion King goes sailing with a chicken.
Walter Sobchak invites guests to his house.
Gandhi and Peter Venkman walk around an Indian jungle.
DescriptionMovieReferred Actor
Peter Parker goes to war to kill no-one.
Tom Hansen can't keep secrets.
Alan Turing makes some great visual effects.
Danny Ocean gets kidnapped in Roman times.
Lois Lane learns a foreign language.
Owen Grady and Mystique can't sleep in space.
Private Ryan has his fourth spy mission.
Llewyn Davis brings the end of the world.
Carol Ferris auditions for Jaws 5.
Mufasa's plans are stolen.
Michael Bluth helps a bunny.
Susan Cooper and Ruffnutt star in a pointless reboot.
Jack Ryan takes charge of the USS Enterprise for the third time.
Ellen Morgan finds her family.
Napoleon Solo and Tony Mendez fight... for 8 minutes.

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