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Can you name the movies released in 2014 by their bad descriptions and character confusion?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionMovieReferred Actor
Christer Malm gets robotic limbs after losing his old ones.
Andy Dwyer is turned into a toy.
Michael Scott teaches Mike Lane how to fight.
Molly Flynn loses her fast food job.
Black Widow is really smart.
Tyler Durden lives in a tank in a field.
Jesse Pinkman can now afford supercars.
Commissioner Gordon leads an army against an inhuman tribe.
Aaron Green and Tyler Gage move next door.
Brian Griffin manages to survive.
Lord Voldemort rents out rooms in his big house.
Lara Croft makes a girl fall asleep.
Eduardo Saverin tries again at being an arachnid.
Maverick just won't stay dead.
Pete Hornberger becomes a flying marshmallow.
DescriptionMovieReferred Actor
King George tries to be like James Bond.
Jon Snow moves to Italy with explosive consequences.
Eddie Mora turns into a badass raccoon.
Leonidas' son can still control lizards with wings.
Mantis and Harry Osbourne go on vacation to North Korea.
Donnie Darko makes some mysterious home videos.
Dirk Diggler befriends a car.
Beetlejuice regains his ability to fly.
Ron Woodroof finds another Earth.
Sherlock learns German.
Van Helsing and Katniss Everdeen have superpowers from the 1970s.
Dale Denton and Troy Bolton have house wars.
Dr. Watson finishes his unexpected journey.
Ace Ventura and Harry Temple are just as stupider again.
Walter White fights a giant lizard.

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