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Can you name the movies released in 2013 by their bad descriptions and character confusion?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionMovieReferred Actor
Sarah Marshall catches a cold.
Molly Flynn wants to be Nick Wilde.
Ray Charles saves the President.
Maverick forgets about his post apocalyptic war battles.
Gracie Hart floats around a broken space station.
Benjamin Button fights against zombies.
Peter La Fleur and Eli Cash try to get jobs.
David Wooderson becomes a drug dealer.
Jack Ryan and Sherlock don't get along in space.
Frank Abagnale, Jr. starts conning business investors.
Marty Huggins tries to track down Ben Chang in Las Vegas.
Tom Ripley leads the rebellion against Clarice Starling.
Dr. Malcolm Crow goes on a fifth explosion fest.
Jodie Dallas and Walter Sobchak learn how to be scary.
Hiccup and Officer Michaels survive the apocalypse.
DescriptionMovieReferred Actor
Jesse Wallace stays at home while people try to legally kill him.
Lex Luther disappears.
Bruce Wayne leads a heist with Katniss Everdeen.
Harvey Dent and Beowulf rescue the President.
Jax Teller fights monsters with underwater robots.
Ed Wood's new film is a western.
Jack Dawson is a millionaire who doesn't like water.
Jean Valjean gets his second superhero movie.
Charlie Chaplin goes on a third adventure in his robot suit.
Captain Miller's mission is to rescue a movie character.
The Iron Giant and the Scorpion King race their cars.
Wade Wilson mutates into a snail.
Charles Brandon can fly.
Robert Neville and his talentless son do nothing a deserted planet.
Too many people in an awful sketch movie.

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