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Can you answer the questions to these Game of Thrones questions? (Warning: May Contain Spoilers)

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Who is Joffrey Baratheon's biological father? 
What position does King Robert give to Eddard Stark in Season 1 after Jon Arryn's death? 
What does Jon Snow name his direwolf? 
What is Sandor Clegane better known as? 
How many dragons' eggs are given to Daenerys at her wedding to Khal Drogo? 
Tyrion Lannister is played by which American actor? 
What does Ramsay rename Theon Greyjoy during his torture? 
What was the result of Bran's injuries from his fall from the tower? 
What is Jaime Lannister's derogatory nickname? 
What is the surname given to all bastard children in the North? 
Who is the executioner the decapitates Eddard Stark? 
What is Craster's place called north of the wall? 
Sam is of which house? 
Ramsay is the bastard son of which character? 
Who was the Master-at-Arms of Winterfell during Season 1 and 2? 
Who was one of the two characters responsible for King Joffrey's death? 
What is the Greatest City there ever Was or Will Be? 
What does two sounds of the horn signal above the wall? 
Other than fire, what is the only thing that can kill White Walkers? 
What is Davos Seaworth's nickname? 
What is the name of Arya's friend 'The Butcher's Boy' who is killed by Sandor Clegane? 
What is Loras Tyrell also known as? 
Why was Jorah Mormont exiled from his home? 
Sibel Kekilli, the actress who plays Shae, is of what nationality? 
What conditon does Shireen Baratheon suffer from, which is visible on the left side of her face? 
What is the name of Robb's direwolf? 
Who kills Craster during the Night Watch's mutiny? 
What does Daenerys name her gold-coloured dragon? 
What is the name of Jeor Mormont's sword that he gives to Jon Snow? 
What is the green substance used by Tyrion to blow up Stannis' fleet during the battle of Blackwater? 

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