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Can you name the movies released in 2015 by their bad descriptions and character confusion?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionMovieReferred Actor
Leslie Knope controls the feelings of a pre-teen.
Will Hunting is left behind during a space mission.
After the zombie apocalyse, Shaun gains telekinetic abilities.
We learn more about Michael Scott's assistants.
Jack Sparrow tries to be a detective.
Bane has to find water in hand made cars.
Forrest Gump has to swap a Russian for an American.
Loki and Alice go for a romantic getaway in a haunted mansion.
Riddick says goodbye to his best friend.
Mystique finishes her eating challenge.
Zoe Barnes is no where to be seen.
Wolverine has to infect a robotic kangaroo.
Tony Montana is now a legendary singer.
Peter Griffin is turned into a teddy bear again.
Mikael Blomkvist goes on his fourth spy mission.
DescriptionMovieReferred Actor
Sherlock Holmes reassembles his team of superhero friends.
Po starts getting bumps on his skin.
Ron Burgundy prepares for life in prison.
Star-Lord learns how to train dinosaurs.
Magneto takes over one of the world's biggest companies.
Queen Victoria has to bring down a Mexican drug cartel.
Cinderella reunites with her a capella group.
Meg Griffin inherits Earth and becomes a goddess.
Charles Bronson and his twin turn London into Las Vegas.
Happy Gilmore is a video game addict and Paul Blart is President.
John Rambo teaches his rival's son.
Donnie Darko has become a successful boxer.
Daenerys Targaryen meets her son from the future.
Edward Scissorhands is now a mob boss helping out the FBI.
Indiana Jones reunites with his giant pet.

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