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what drug blocks transient Ca currents
pediatric condition with recurrent seizures of various types and severity, accompanied with developmental delay
longer acting tx of status epilepticus
what 2 drugs can exacerbate absence and myoclonic sz's
what drugs prolongs GABA-A chloride channel openings
side effects include hirsutism, SJS, gum hyperplasia, drug induced lupus
what AED loses its effect in 6 months
side effects include agranulocytosis and aplastic anemia or transient leukopenia
what part of brain can atrophy with epilepsy
fast-melt triptans
FHM3 related to gene ___ and affects __ channel
drug similar to carbamasepine that is less toxic
what drug stimulates GAD
FHM2 related to gene __ and affects ___ pump
seizure commonly seen in kids that last less than a minute and patients are unaware of incident
percent of patients with refractive seizures
recent AED used for refractory partial sz's, Lennox syndrome, new epilepsy, generalized seizure
AED contraindicated in pregnancy due to causing neural tube defects
what AED binds to synaptic vesicle protein SV2A, regulated NT release
50% of patients with head trauma will develop a
1st line drugs for partial seizures
seizure with local onset causing impaired consciousness
1st line drug for trigeminal neuralgia
increase GABA, block Na channels, augments K/Ca channels
side effects of this AED include CNS depression, anorexia, n/v, hair loss, elevated LFTs
stimulate hypothalamic gray matter to treat what headache
what AED inhibits P450
what irreversibly blocks GABA-T and increases GABA levels
FHM1 related to gene ___ and affects __ channels
alcohol, barbs, and benzos use what receptor
1st line of tx for status epilepticus
migraine needs to last how long for diagnosis
headaches cause what lesions
partial onset sz with secondary generalization: use carb or phenytoin, then? (v,p,p)
phenytoin, carbamazapine, pimidone, and PB are metabolized and stimulate the production of
GABA-B is a presynaptic autoreceptor that open up what channels
side effects include EFGH
short acting treatment of status epilepticus
PR, subQ, and nasal spray triptan
seizure with focal abnormal discharge and normal consciousness
if abscence sz in kid becomes tonic/clonic, give what
glutamate ionotropic receptor that opens up calcium channels
AED with long half life with tolerance and physical dependence possible
percent of patients that can become seizure free with therapy
what drug class increases frequency of GABA-A chloride channels
blocks use dependant sodium channels (P,C)
AED that blocks sodium channels, increases freq of GABA Cl- channels, deal with AMPA/kainate
period prior to development of epilepsy where changes can be picked up on EEG
AED with saturable absorption, short half life, and renal excretion that is effective along in newly diagnosed sz's
seizure with 3Hz spikes
what type of migraine increases chance of stroke
blocks Na channels and T-type Ca channels
ionotropic channel for glutamate that is both ligand gated and voltage gated
best triptan
most common cause of epilepsy
besides sz's, gabapentin and carbamazepine treat what
gabapentin is used to treat sz's and
what drug is converted to PB or PEMA in the body
blocks Na channels, interferes with glutamate release, inhibits Ca channels
most common lobe involved in partial seizure
1st line of seizure medication in children
only AED which known actions on K channels
SSADH is inhibited with
class of abortive drugs for migraines
side effects include aplastic anemia and severe hepatitis
most AEDs are metabolized in
blocks GABA reuptake
side effect of lamotrigine
MRM occurs when what hormone levels are high
absence seizures are caused by oscillations between __ and cortex
GABA analog that closes Ca channels, and increases GABA in cleft
rectal administration what benzo drug
lamotrigine is metabolized by
monotherapy for infantile spasms; can cause opthalmologic problems
GAD converts __ to __
most common type of epilepsy
valproate inhibits GABA-T which converts __ to __, which eventually forms ___
migraine headache needs 2 of what symptoms
postsynaptic GABA receptor is linked to what channel
add-on for regractory partial/generalize sx's, Lennon-Gastaut as well; can lessen effectiveness of BCP
what drug increases phenytoin and valproate levels but decreases carbamazapine levels
side effects include GI distress but fewer CNS effects (absences sz's)
lamotrigine and carbamazepine can also be used for
first line drug for generalized seizures
AED that blocks Na channels adn modulates NMDA receptors
what drug blocks Na channels and also affects K channels

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