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strong COMT inhibitor
neurosurgery that improves TRA
common area affected in AD patients
what drugs for PD have side effects that include hallucinations, nightmares, confusion, etc
neurosurgery that improves TR
what PD drug reduced free radicals
best drug for limiting tremors in PD patients
what blocks peripheral dopa decarboxylase
what do you have to monitor with tolcapone
side effect of amantadine
mnemonic for differential diagnosis for dementia
exercise helps maintain memory by increasing levels of
weak COMT inhibitor
ergot agonists (B,P)
MAO-B inhibitor
drugs that inhibits DA reuptake and blocks Ach and glutamate receptors as well
heavy metal poisoning can lead to
nonergot agonist whos clearance is decreased by cations
anticholinergic - not benztropine
in AD patients can find elevated __ and decreased __ in CSF
gold standard for PD treatment
nonergot agonist that is metabolized by CYP1A2

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