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hemodyalisis-associted amyloidosis is too much
AIDS defining malignancies
hydralazine, procainamine can cause
monoclonal antibody against T cell antigen site
75% of sjogrens patients have what
skin manifestation of SLE
mnemonic for digeorge syndrome
delayed type HSR is which type of HSR
Type I HSR involves what cells
RA is which type of HSR
primary amyloidosis is prodution of too much
What drug can prevent acute vascular rejection by blocking IL-2 release
second signal for CD4 activation
RA, SLE, and polymyositis associted with what secondary form of disease
GI dysmotility, malabsorption
Chron disease is which type of HSR
test for type I HSR
malignant hypertension from hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis can be a complication of what
test for type II HSR
MHC class I loci
sjogrens patients have a 40% risk of developing what malignancies
thrombocytopenia and eczema
NK receptor for Fc of IgG
HIV entry into CD4 cells requires what 2 proteins
granuloma formations are which type of HSR
maternal IgG crosses placenta and attaches to fetal RBCs
initial edema of skin, then ulceration, desquamation, with secondary reynauds
hyper igm syndrome is caused by problem with
malar butterfly rash is what type of necrosis
MHC genes are found on chromosome
special heart problem with SLE
lupus anticoagulant can be seen with ___ and so can ___ which can creat a fake positive ___ test
mono uses which complement receptor
which immunoglobulin is found on lumen or resp/GI tracts
localized scleroderma mnemonic
which immunoglobulin kills parasites
opsonization and phagocytosis of RBCs
graft vs host disease seen most with _____ transplants
find antibody deposits at dermal-epidermal junctions
what immune cell kills cells that dont display proper MHC
asthama and drug hypersensitivity are what type of HSR
what deposits in type III HSR
Hep B virus antigens in some cases causing vasculitis
hyperacute rejection is what type of HSR
anti-centrome antibodies
rash only variant of lupus
comfirm aids with
heart problem with SLE
streptococcal cell wall antigen planted in glomeruli
anti-RNP (SS-A/SS-B)
do you get deformities with arthritis
complement defects can lead to what infections
second signal for B cell activation
most common CNS infections with AIDS
enlarged gland syndrome
complement mediated inflammation of BM in lungs/kidneys
hyper-segmented neutrophils right or left shift
you see neutrophils with big lobes with right or left ****
anti DNA Topoisomerase/SCL-70 antibodies
failure of 3rd and 4th pouch development
most common lung infection with AIDS
what is spared in MCTD
screen aids with
nuclear antigens with nephritis, skin lesions, etc
primary amyloidosis is associated with
autosomal recessive form of SCID is due to what deficiency
clinical example of arthus reaction
what is spared in drug-induced lupus
disruption of cadherins with proteases and formation of vesicles on skin
organ rejection when patient instantly becomes hypotensive, dies
second signal for CD8 activation
the ratio of kappa to lambda should be
anemia, thrombocytopenia, and leukemia in SLE due to what HSR
nonpolymorphic beta 2 globulin is found with a polymorphic alpha chain in which molecule
sjogrens is destruction of ___ and ___ glands
acute cellular rejection is what type of HSR
anti-Smith antibodies
the ratio of CD4 to CD8 should be
no IgG in blood after 6 months
which immunoglobulin is not produced as a free antibody
main manifestation of lupus
anti histones antibodies
urticaria, eczema, hay fever, asthsma, angioedema
anti dsDNA antibodies point to
most common fungal infection in AIDS patients
Recurrent bacterial infections associated with development of autoimmune disorders and lymphoma and gastric cancer
neutrophil degranulation
serum against what diagnoses MCTD
malar butterfly rash caused by what type HSR
T-cell mediated toxicity is which type of HSR
3 symptoms with graft vs host disease
contact dermatitis is which type of HSR
dry mouth
NK adhesion molecule
streptococcal antigen; cross reaction with heart and macrophage activation
X-linked form of SCID is due to no production of
no class switching by B cell is activated

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