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DescriptionActor/ActressSeason Broadcast
After guest-starring as the title character in “The Ringbanger” episode, this TV veteran gained his greatest fame with his deadpan delivery in several broad movie comedies.Season 1
In between his two well-known TV roles, and years before he became an acclaimed director, this actor played a teen who used his brother’s ID to get into the Army.Season 1
He played a soldier who briefly held Frank Burns hostage in the shower, then had TV starring roles a guy shacking up with two girls and, years later, a very overprotective father.Season 2
This actor guest-starred as a mentally unbalanced general, and then returned the next season as a regular cast member, albeit with a lower rank.Season 3
This former All-Pro NFL lineman played a soldier a little too overzealous in his gratitude to Hawkeye. In his most famous movie role, he’s remembered for punching out a horse.Season 3
This actor played two different soldiers suffering from battlefield stress in separate episodes. In other roles, he was a mischievous caddie and Roseanne’s brother-in-law.Season 3
This veteran actor of movies, sitcoms and even crime dramas guest-starred as Father Mulcahy’s intimidating superior. And, no, he didn’t squeal like a pig.Season 4
This actress, who gave birth to a future Oscar-winning actress, played a married nurse who rekindled her affair with Hawkeye during her brief stint at the 4077th.Season 4
This prolific actor, who has portrayed Bobby Knight, John Wayne Gacy and the sheriff who first pushed John Rambo too far, played an MP investigating the theft of an ancient vase.Season 5
This actor, who played the pig farmer in “Babe,” and two real-life presidents, played a prankster friend of BJ’s who gets the good doctor in hot water.Season 6
DescriptionActor/ActressSeason Broadcast
While gaining fame as James Garner’s “wife” in a Polaroid camera TV ad campaign, this actress guest-starred as a visiting Swedish doctor that gets Hawkeye’s attention.Season 7
This bespectacled actor, and known environmentalist, played an injured private whom the doctors surreptitiously kept at the 4077th because of his cooking expertise.Season 8
This actress, who would play a bar employee in another long-running sitcom, portrayed a nurse put off by Hawkeye’s condescension as he temporarily quits drinking.Season 8
This veteran TV actress, who’s also the wife of an NBC executive, played a visiting war correspondent who finds herself attracted to BJ.Season 8
This character actor, known best as Commissioner Gordon in the “Batman” movies, played a no-nonsense colonel visiting the camp in the midst of an April Fool’s war of pranks. Season 8
This star of “Road House” and “Ghost,” played a patient who insisted on staying with his injured buddy despite the fact he had just been diagnosed with leukemiaSeason 9
You probably know him for his roles in “The Sopranos,” “The Matrix” and “The Fugitive;” in his M*A*S*H episode, he played an injured GI with a stolen identity.Season 10
This star of “The Matrix” and “CSI,” among others, played one of several black soldiers in an outfit whose fate was at the mercy of his bigoted commander.Season 10
This actor, who became a well-known barfly in another popular series, played a rowdy Marine treated by Winchester after he got a billiard ball stuck in his mouth.Season 11
Years before hitting it big with his stand-up act, which included naughty nursery rhymes, this comic played a Marine who was injured participating in a backward Jeep race.Season 11

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