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AzoleSystemic + Topical
AzoleTopical (Candida + Dermatophytes)
AzoleTopical (Candida + Dermatophytes)
AzoleTopical (Candida + Dermatophytes)
AzoleTopical (Candida + Dermatophytes)
AllylamineSystemic + Topical
AllylamineTopical (Dermatophites)
AllylamineTopical (Dermatophites)
Misc. Antifungal(Dermatophytes + Candida): Polyene (like AmpB)
Misc. AntifungalInhibit mitotic spindles, for dermatophytoses, fungistatic
Misc. Antifungal(Dermatophytes + Candida) Topical, MOA: Inhibit fungal intracellular transport(
Misc. Antifungal(Candida) Topical, MOA: Inhibit squalene epoxide
Misc. Antifungal(Dermatophytes) Topical, MOA: unknown
GiardisisOrganism name
AmebiasisOrganism name
CryptosporidiosisOrganism name
Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis)Organism name
TrichomoniasisOrganism name
Active against protozoans and anaerobic bacteriaNitroimidazole; disulfiram like effect; binds covalently to DNA macromolecules leading in death
Used with metronidazoleSE: iodine toxicity; MOA unknown
Pinworm or SeatwormItchy perineum, most common worm infeciton in NA
 Second most common infestation; through soil (and skin)
Types of cestodes (separated by commas)Undercooked meat
FlukeSnails spread to fresh water
RoundwormContaminated food or soil
RoundwormWillow Smith
RoundwormContaminated food; tropical disease; penetrate skin and replicates for many cycles
RoundwormUndercooked meat; adult worms invade muscle and heart to cause pain, dysfunction, and death
Helminth DrugDepolarizing NM blocker due to different nicotine receptors; all worms
Helminth DrugGABA receptor agonist; open Cl- channel which causes hyperpolarization; round and pinworm
Helminth DrugTonic muscle paralysis via glutamate gated Cl- channel; hyperpolarize muscle and expulsion of live worms
Helminth DrugFluke and flatworm; increase intracellular Ca2+ leading to paralysis
Helminth DrugB-tubulin -> inhibit microtubule synthesis; failure of glucose uptake and death
ActionWhere the female drinks blood by piercing the skin with a proboscis
HIV-1 GenomeIntegration of viral DNA into the host cell genome; binding site for host transcription factors
HIV-1 GenomeNucleocapsid core and matrix proteins
HIV-1 GenomeRT, protease, integrase, ribonuclease
HIV-1 GenomeViral coat proteins (gp120 + gp41) mediating CD4 + chemokine receptor binding and membrane fusion
HIV-1 GenomeIncrease infectivity viral particles
HIV-1 GenomePromote nuclear import viral DNA; G2 cell cycle arrest
HIV-1 GenomeElongation of viral transcripts
HIV-1 GenomePromote nuclear export of incompletely spliced/unspliced viral RNAs
HIV-1 GenomeDown regulate host cell CD4 expression and enhance release of virus from cells
HIV-1 GenomeDown regulate CD4 expression and enhance release of virus from cells; decrease regulatory host cell class I MHC expression
Co-Receptor HIVCo-receptor
Co-Receptor HIVCo-receptor
NRTINRTI; only drug that can be used in pregnancy for HIV
NRTI AnalogNRTI; SE: lactic acidosis; pancreatitis; neuropathy
NRTIZidovudine + Lamivudine
NRTIZidovudine + Lamivudine + Abacavir
NNRTIIrreversible binding; shorten chain length; SE: life threatening hepatotoxicity
Protease InhibitorSE: Buffalo hump; hepatic dysfunction
Entry (Fusion) InhibitorSE: hypersensitivity
HIVWhat combines NRTI, NNRTI, and protease inhibitors? Synergistic.
Tumor Suppressor Gene
Tumor Suppressor Gene
DNA Repair Gene
DNA Repair Gene
Folate analogInhibit dihydrofolate reductase; given orally; supplied with folinic acid; inhibit purine and thymidine synthesis
Folate analogCompetitive inhibition of thymidylate synthase; S-phase specific, polyglutamated by FPGS
Folate analog
Folate analogSynergistic with 5-FU; used with MTX therapy; orally absorbed
Anti-metaboliteInhibit thymidine synthesis; resistance is TS and MTHF related
Anti-metaboliteCerebellar toxicity and myelosuppression; incorporated into DNA causing chain termination and inhibit DNA polymerase replication and repair functions
Anti-metaboliteAdenine analog; chain termination
Anti-metaboliteCytosine analog; chain termination
Anti-metaboliteGuanine analog; illicit mismatch repair activation and apoptosis
Anti-metaboliteGuanine analog; illicit mismatch repair activation and apoptosis
Topoisomerase enzyme inhibitorBinds to nicked DNA; inhibition of Topoisomerase I; life threatening diarrhea; UGT
Topoisomerase enzyme inhibitorBinds and stabilizes to TOPO I nickel DNA complex; single strand breaks -> induces double stranded breaks; unpredictable toxicity
Topoisomerase enzyme inhibitor
Topoisomerase enzyme inhibitorInhibit of Topoisomerase II via ternary complex, S and G2 phase; secondary leukemia
Topoisomerase enzyme inhibitorII
Microtubule inhibitorBind B-tubulin, disassemble equilibrium shift; M phase; lethal if injected IT
Microtubule inhibitorBind B-tubulin, less severe SE than the other one; lethal if injected intrathecally
Microtubule inhibitorWide patient variability due to CYP3A4 polymorphism; B-tubulin stabilization, M phase specific
Microtubule inhibitorSE: myelosuppresion; mutation: increase p-glycoprotein, mutation in B-tubulin binding site
Alkylating agentsN7, x-link, hemorrhagic cystitis so coadminister with mesna (acrolen
Platinum compoundSynergy with etoposides, Inter and intra strand DNA crosslinking; N7, hydrolysis, higher SE
Platinum compoundConversion slow; hydrolysis activation; res: red [], increased glutathione, overexpression NER
Platinum compoundSE: peripheral sensory neuropathy, anemia, synergy with 5-FU and irinotecan
Anthracycline AntibioticsAdminister with dexrazoxane; SE: CHF; mech: tripartite complex w/ Topo II and DNA, intercalate DNA, formation free radicals for oxidative stress
Anthracycline AntibioticsRes: over expression P-glycoprotein pump, decreased Topo II activity, increased glutathione peroxidase metabolism
Hormonal AgentsSERM; thromboembolic; competitive inhibitor of estradiol binding to estrogen receptors in breast tissue
Hormonal AgentsSteroidal aromatase inhibitor; suicidal binding to CYP19
Hormonal AgentsNon steroidal aromatase inhibitor (CYP19); binds reversible to the heme of CYP19
Small Molecule Tyrosine Kinase InhibitorInhibits BCR-ABI tyrosine kinase @ ATP site, prevents phosphyrolyation downstread, CYP3A4 variability, SE: edema
Small Molecule Tyrosine Kinase InhibitorEGFR (epidermal growth factor); competitively inhibits ATP binding
Monoclonal AntibodiesFor HER-2/neu (humanized); SE: cardiomyopathy if in combo with anthracycline
Monoclonal AntibodiesBinds VEGF and inhibits angiogenesis; SE: GI perforations and hemorrhage
Monoclonal AntibodiesChimeric directed at EGFR or HER1; need KRAS and BRAF; SE: acne like rash; cardiopulmonary arrest
Monoclonal AntibodiesHumanized monoclonal antibody for EGFR, HER1 -> acne like rash

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