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human made objectleft by previous humans
way of lifeincludes religion, language and art
creatures that walk uprightincludes humans
part of the Stone Ageprehistoric time, nomadic people
also called the New Stone Ageduring this age, people learned to make tools, grow crops and raise animals
ways of applying knowledgea computer would be an example of this
modern humansresembles the Homo erectus
mobile peoplemoved to follow food sources
people who collect plants and hunt animalsusually nomadic
also called the argricultural revolutionshift from food gathering to food producing
cutting trees or grasses and burning theman early farming method
the taming of animalshouse pets are this
a complex culture with five characteristics: cities, specialized workers, institutions, record keeping and technologySumer was one of the first of these
development of skills in a specific type of workfarming or trading is and example
skilled workers who make goods by handmade jewelery, weapons, clothing or pottery
organization in a communitygovernment, religion and economy are examples
professional record keepersrecorded things in writing
a Sumerian system of writingmeans 'wedge-shaped'
when people began to use bronze a specific time period
trading of goods and serviceswithout money
pyramid shaped monumenta place of worship in Ur

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