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Babyloncreated a uniform code of laws
Egyptdeclared herself pharaoh
Egypta warlike ruler, expanded Egypt into Nubia
Assyriaclaimed to have destroyed 89 cities and 820 villages
Persiaconquered neighboring kingdoms, but known for his kindness
Chinaan influential scholar who stressed filial piety
Chinacreated the Great Wall of China
Persialed an attack on Athens
Greecedefeated the Persians, ruler of Athens
Macedoniaconquered Persia, Greece and others, hugely increasing the empire
Carthagea military strategist, attacked Rome
Romeformed a triumvirate, appointed himself dictator
Romeaccepted Christianity after victory in battle
Mauryaa great Indian leader
Mauryaruled by Buddha's teachings, and urged religious toleration
Aksumconverted to Christianity
Arabiathe last prophet of Allah
Byzantiumcreated a code from old Roman laws
Russiaconverted to Christianity, grandson was Vladimir
Mongoliaa strategist, used cruelty as a weapon

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