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Aaron Stanford (2006)Mutants invade a family's trailer
Linda Blair (1973)A crucifix gets some action...
Malcolm McDowell (1971)Beethoven
Ryo Ishibashi (1999)How NOT to find a wife
Paolo Bonacelli (1975)Circle of S**t
Alejandro Jodorowsky (1970)A surrealist spaghetti western
Ellen Page (2005)'Lensmaster319' likes 'em young
Jared Leto (2000)'Be excited, be, be excited!'
Sandra Peabody (1972)It's only a movie. It's only a movie.
Camille Keaton (1978)Revenge in the bathtub
Min-sik Choi (2003)Teeth, meet hammer
Tim Robbins (1990)Faceless men ride the subway train
Liv Tyler (2008)Pin-up girl and Dollface
James Woods (1983)Beware 1980s underground cable TV shows
dir. Ruggero Deodato (1979)Animal Cruelty groups were NOT happy
Divine (1972)Battle for 'Filthiest Person Alive'
Jack Nance (1976)Henry Spencer has to take care of his deformed baby
Michael Rooker (1986)He likes to kill people in different ways each time
Blanchard Ryan (2003)A couple rethinks taking a cruise
Monica Bellucci (2002)Longest 9-minute scene ever
Phlip Seymour Hoffman (1998)Child molester & bizarre obscene phone calls
Rosario Dawson (1995)HIV-positive skateboarder looking for action
Catherine Deneuve (1965)Hallucinations turn into murder
Dennis Hopper (1986)Inhalant, dry humping and sadomasochism
Jacob Reynolds (1997)Kids killing time & buying glue
Ulrich Muhe (1997)Was later remade shot-for-shot by the same director
Nao Omori (2001)Yakuza, stolen money and hot tempura grease
Harvey Keitel (1980)Art Garfunkel
Benoit Poelvoorde (1993)A brave camera crew follows a killer
Ken'ichi Endo (2002)'Have you ever..' seen a family this dysfunctional?
Edward Norton (1998)Stay away from the curb
Gunnar Hansen (1974)Worst family dinner to be invited to
Jennifer Lopez (2000)Into the mind of a serial killer... literally
Laurence Fishburne (1997)The ship that won't let you leave
Blythe Auffarth (2007)Based on a true event in 1965 in Indiana (similar to 'An American Crime')
Brad Pitt (1995)'What's in the box?'
Willem Dafoe (2009)Stages of grief
Shauna Macdonald (2005)Spelunking never looked this scary
Jeremy Davies (1994)Oedipal urges
Dieter Laser (2009)Anus to mouth

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