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1966Last feature
1965Replaced by Jack Cardiff
1964Nominated for Best Cinematography
1963Last film with John Wayne
1962Segment 'The Civil War'
1962Nominated for Best Costume Design B&W
1961Based on the novel Comanche Captives
1960Woody Strode in a powerful anti-racism film
1959Veteran stuntman Fred Kennedy tragically lost his life from a horse fall
1958Spencer Tracy received a BAFTA Best Foreign Actor Nomination
1958First Film to Feature the character George Gideon
1957An Anthology Film
1957Tribute to Ford's Friend Frank Wead
1956Named Greatest American Western of all time by AFI in 2008
1955Replaced by Mervyn LeRoy
1955Last film of Robert Francis
1953Two Actress Oscar Nominations
1953Entered in the 1953 Cannes Film Festival
1952Based on play but uses almost none of its dialogue
1952Won Best Director Oscar
1950Final Film of Ford's Cavalry Trilogy
1950Inspired the TV Show Wagon Train
1950Nominated for Best Writing, Motion Picture Story Oscar
1949Second Film of Ford's Cavalry Trilogy
1949Replaced by Elia Kazan
1948Second film Ford did with this story
1948First film of Ford's Cavalry Trilogy
1947Based on the novel The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene
1946Title derives from a popular folk song
1945Nominated for two Oscars in Effects and Sound Recording
1941Won Best Director Oscar
1941Banned in Australia!
1940Nominated for Best Picture Oscar
1940Won Best Director Oscar
1939First Color Film!
1939Nominated for Best Story Oscar
1939Nominated for Best Director Oscar
1938Partially written by William Faulkner
1938Remade as Fury at Furnace Creek
1938uncredited extra direction
1937Won Best Sound Recording Oscar
1937Features Shirley Temple
1936Based on a play of the same name
1936A very historically inaccurate film
1936Inspired the western Hellgate
1935Fox's Biggest Grossing Film in 1935
1935Won Best Director Oscar
1935Released in UK as Passport to Fame
1934Ford Remade Later with the Same Actor
1934Ford Won a Special Recommendation from the Venice Film Festival
1934Nominated for Best Music Score Oscar
1933Hays Code prevented talk of abortion and venereal disease which existed in the novel
1933Six writers credited on the film
1932First film with an airplane flying through a hangar stunt
1931Nominated for Best Picture Oscar
1931A remake of a 1919 version
1931Navy gave John Ford all kinds of access to ships and personnel
1930Debut of Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart
1930also directed by Andrew Bennison
1930Only sound version held at Museum of Modern Art
1929Ford's First Talkie
1929Silent with Synchronized Music Track
1928Part Sound!!
1927Found in a New Zealand film archive
1926Remade only 5 years later with Ford favorite Victor McLaglen
1926Print at Museum of Modern Art
1925Lost Film
1925Lost Film
1925Print survives in Museum of Modern Art Film Archives, New York
1925First film shown at the famous Alex theater in Glendale, California
1924Lost Film
1923Lost Film
192340 Minutes Survive
1923First Film Credited as John Ford (previously Jack Ford)
1923Lost Film
1923Lost Film
1922Lost Film One of Eight Reels Survives
1922Prologue Only
1922Lost Film
1921Lost Film
1921Lost Film
1921Lost Film
1921Lost Film
1921Lost Film
1921Lost Film
1921Silent featuring Buck Jones
1920First Film for Fox
1920Lost Film
1920Lost Film
1920Lost Film
1919Lost Film - Remade Later in Career
19193 Reels Survive
1919Lost Film
1919Lost Film
1919Lost Film
1919Lost Film
1919Lost Film
1919Lost Film
1919Lost Film
1918Lost Film
1918Co-directed with his brother Francis Ford
1918Lost Film
1918Print Exists at Czechoslovak Film Archive
191830 Minutes Survives
1918Lost Film
1918Lost Film
1918Lost Film
1917Rediscovered in 2002!
1917Lost Film
1917Two of Five reels survive
1917Print survives at George Eastman House
1917Ford's First Feature Length

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