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Can you name every Oscar nomainted movie from 2010-2014?

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Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Jamie Bell (voice)Score (2011)
Glenn CloseActress, Supp. Actress, Makeup (2011)
Mia WasikowskaArt Direction*, Costume*, Visual Effects (2010)
Robert RedfordSound Editing (2013)
Christian BalePicture, Actor, Supp. Actress (2013)
Bradley CooperPicture, Actor, Sound Editing* (2014)
Emmanuelle RivaPicture, Actress, Foreign Film* (2012)
Jacki WeaverSupp. Actress (2010)
Keira KnightleyCinematography, Costume*, Score (2012)
Rhys IfansCostume (2011)
Lesley ManvilleScreenplay (2010)
Ben AffleckPicture*, Screenplay*, Editing* (2012)
Jean DujardinPicture*, Director*, Actor* (2011)
Meryl StreepActress, Supp. Actress (2013)
Robert Downey Jr.Visual Effects (2012)
Johnny KnoxvilleMakeup (2013)
Paul GiamattiMakeup (2010)
Quvenzhane WallisPicture, Director, Actress (2012)
Ethan HawkeScreenplay (2013)
Mark RuffaloSong (2014)
Christopher PlummerSupp. Actor* (2011)
Demian BichirActor (2011)
Gugu Mbatha-RawSong (2014)
Ryan Potter (voice)Animated* (2014)
Michael KeatonPicture*, Director*, Actor (2014)
Javier BardemActor, Foreign Film (2010)
Natalie PortmanPicture, Actress*, Director (2010)
Cate BlanchettActress*, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (2013)
Michelle WilliamsActress (2010)
Sophie NelisseScore (2013)
Ben Kingsley (voice)Animated (2014)
Patricia ArquettePicture, Director, Supp. Actress* (2014)
Kelly Macdonald (voice)Animated* (2012)
Kristen WiigSupp. Actress, Screenplay (2011)
Chris EvansVisual Effects (2014)
Tom HanksPicture, Supp. Actor, Editing (2013)
Dominique BlancAnimated (2011)
Jeff OrloskiSong (2012)
Limara Meneses (voice)Animated (2011)
Gwyneth PaltrowSong (2010)
Nicolas Cage (voice)Animated (2013)
Matthew McConaugheyPicture, Actor*, Supp. Actor* (2013)
Andy SerkisVisual Effects (2014)
George ClooneyPicture, Actor, Screenplay* (2011)
Steve Carell (voice)Animated, Song (2013)
Jamie FoxxPicture, Supp. Actor*, Screenplay* (2012)
Ryan GoslingSound Editing (2011)
Forest Whitaker (voice)Animated (2013)
Thomas HornPicture, Supp. Actor (2011)
Mark WahlbergPicture, Supp. Actor*, Supp. Actress* (2010)
Denzel WashingtonActor, Screenplay (2012)
Channing TatumDirector, Actor, Supp. Actor (2014)
Martin ShortAnimated (2012)
Idina Menzel (voice)Animated*, Song* (2013)
Rooney MaraActress, Cinematography, Editing* (2011)
Glen CampbellSong (2014)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Rosamund PikeActress (2014)
Ralph FiennesPicture, Art Direction*, Costume* (2014)
Tony LeungCinematography, Costume (2013)
Sandra BullockPicture, Director*, Actress (2013)
Tobey MaguireArt Direction*, Costume* (2013)
Chris PrattVisual Effects, Makeup (2014)
Daniel RadcliffeArt Direction, Visual Effects (2010)
Emma WatsonArt Direction, Visual Effects, Makeup (2011)
Viola DavisPicture, Actress, Supp. Actress* (2011)
Joaquin PhoenixPicture, Screenplay*, Art Direction (2013)
Matt DamonVisual Effects (2010)
Anthony HopkinsMakeup (2012)
Martin FreemanArt Direction, Visual Effects, Makeup (2012)
Ian McKellenSound, Sound Editing, Visual Effects (2013)
Richard ArmitageSound Editing (2014)
Jay Baruchel (voice)Animated, Score (2010)
Gerard Butler (voice)Animated (2014)
Asa ButterfieldPicture, Cinematography*, Visual Effects* (2011)
Tilda SwintonCostume (2010)
Agata KuleszkaCinematography, Foreign Film* (2014)
Ryan GoslingScreenplay (2011)
Jean-Claude Donda (voice)Animated (2010)
Benedict CumberbatchPicture, Actor, Screenplay* (2014)
Naomi WattsActress (2012)
Leonardo DiCaprioPicture, Screenplay, Cinematography* (2010)
Joaquin PhoenixScreenplay, Costume (2014)
Oscar IsaacCinematography, Sound (2013)
Matthew McConaugheyArt Direction, Visual Effects*, Score (2014)
Emily BluntSupp. Actress, Art Direction, Costume (2014)
Felicity JonesCostume (2013)
Meryl StreepActress*, Makeup* (2011)
Robert Downey Jr.Visual Effects (2010)
Gwyneth PaltrowVisual Effects (2013)
Mia WasikowskaCostume (2011)
Robert DuvallSupp. Actor (2014)
Annette BeningPicture, Actress, Supp. Actor (2010)
Colin FirthPicture*, Director*, Actor* (2010)
Jack Black (voice)Animated (2011)
Chris Pratt (voice)Song (2014)
Anne HathawayPicture, Actor, Supp. Actress*, (2012)
Suraj SharmaPicture, Director*, Visual Effects* (2012)
Daniel Day-LewisPicture, Director, Actor* (2012)
Armie HammerVisual Effects, Makeup (2013)
Mark WahlbergSound, Sound Editing (2013)
Angelina JolieCostume (2014)
Idris ElbaSong (2013)
Kevin SpaceyScreenplay (2011)
Philip Seymour HoffmanActor, Supp. Actor, Supp, Actress (2012)
Owen WilsonPicture, Director, Screenplay* (2011)
Julia RobertsCostume (2012)
Brad PittPicture, Actor, Supp. Actor (2011)
Bruce WillisScreenplay (2012)
Timothy SpallCinematography, Costume, Score (2014)
Jason SegelSong* (2011)
Michelle WilliamsActress, Supp. Actor (2011)
Bruce DernPicture, Actor, Screenplay (2013)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Jake GyllenhaalScreenplay (2014)
James FrancoPicture, Actor, Screenplay (2010)
Kodi Smit-Mcphee (voice)Animated (2012)
Judi DenchPicture, Actress, Screenplay (2013)
Hugh Grant (voice)Animated (2012)
Hugh JackmanCinematography (2013)
Noomi RapaceVisual Effects (2012)
Antonio Banderes (voice)Animated (2011)
Nicole KidmanActress (2010)
Johnny Depp (voice)Animated* (2011)
Hugh JackmanVisual Effects (2011)
James FrancoVisual Effects (2011)
Jesse Eisenberg (voice)Song (2011)
Angelina JolieSound (2010)
Emma ThompsonScore (2013)
David OyelowoPicture, Song* (2014)
Peyman MoaadiScreenplay, Foreign Film* (2011)
John HawkesSupp. Actress (2012)
Bradley CooperPicture, Actor, Actress* (2012)
Daniel CraigCinematography, Sound Editing*, Song* (2012)
Kristen StewartCostume, Visual Effects (2012)
Jesse EisenbergPicture, Screenplay*, Editing* (2010)
Brendan Gleeson (voice)Animated (2014)
Chris PineVisual Effects (2013)
Julianne MooreActress* (2014)
Chloe Grace Moretz (voice)Animated (2014)
Mandy Moore (voice)Song (2010)
Mark WahlbergSong (2012)
Helen MirrenCostume (2010)
Eddie RedmaynePicture, Actor*, Actress (2014)
Gary OldmanActor, Screenplay, Score (2011)
Ben AffleckSupp. Actor (2010)
Tom Hanks (voice)Picture, Animated*, Song* (2010)
Shia LaBeoufSound, Sound Editing, Visual Effects (2011)
Brad PittPicture, Director, Cinematography (2011)
Jeff BridgesSound Editing (2010)
Hailee SteinfeldPicture, Actor, Cinematography (2010)
Chiwetel EjioforPicture*, Director, Supp. Actress* (2013)
Marion CotillardActress (2014)
Jack O'ConnellCinematography, Sound, Sound Editing (2014)
Denzel WashingtonSound Editing (2010)
Abbie CornishCostume (2011)
Jeremy IrvinePicture, Cinematography, Score (2011)
Tom HardySupp. Actor (2011)
Ed HarrisMakeup (2010)
Miles TellerPicture, Supp. Actor*, Editing* (2014)
Reese WitherspoonActress, Supp. Actress (2014)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (voice)Animated (2013)
Jennifer LawrencePicture, Actress, Screenplay (2010)
Leonardo DiCaprioPicture, Director, Actor (2013)
Benicio Del ToroMakeup* (2010)
John C. Reilly (voice)Animated (2012)
Hugh JackmanVisual Effects (2014)
Jessica ChastainPicture, Actress, Sound Editing* (2012)

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