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Can you name evert Oscar Nominated movie from 2005-2009?

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Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Evan Rachel WoodCostume (2007)
Denzel WashingtonSupp. Actress, Art Direction (2007)
Rudy YoungbloodSound, Sound Editing, Makeup (2006)
Brad PittSupp. Actor, Cinematography (2007)
James McAvoyPicture, Supp. Actress, Score* (2007)
Freddie HighmoreSong (2007)
Nicole KidmanCostume (2008)
Sam WorthingtonPicture, Cinematography*, Visual Effects* (2009)
Julie ChristieActress, Screenplay (2007)
Brad PittPicture, Director, Score* (2006)
Christian BaleCinematography (2005)
Josh HartnettCinematography (2006)
Sandra BullockPicture, Actress* (2009)
Leonardo DiCaprioActor, Supp. Actor, Editing (2006)
John Travolta (voice)Animated (2008)
Sacha Baron CohenScreenplay (2006)
Matt DamonEditing*, Sound*, Sound Editing* (2007)
Abbie CornishCostume (2009)
Heath LedgerPicture, Director*, Actor (2005)
Philip Seymour HoffmanPicture, Director, Actor* (2005)
Owen Wilson (voice)Song, Animated (2006)
Angelina JolieActress, Cinematography, Art Direction (2008)
Johnny DeppCostume (2005)
Tom HanksSupp. Actor (2007)
Clive OwenScreenplay, Cinematography, Editing (2006)
Tilda SwintonSound, Visual Effects, Makeup* (2005)
Russell CroweSupp. Actor, Editing, Makeup (2005)
Adam SandlerMakeup (2006)
Audrey TautouCostume (2009)
Ralph FiennesSupp. Actress*, Screenplay, Editing (2005)
Dakota Fanning (voice)Animated (2009)
Johnny Depp (voice)Animated (2005)
Matt DillonPicture*, Director, Editing* (2005)
Jeff BridgesActor*, Supp. Actress, Song* (2009)
Brad PittPicture, Visual Effects*, Makeup* (2008)
Chow Yun-FatCostume (2006)
Michael CaineSupp. Actor*, Cinematography, Sound Editing* (2008)
Daniel CraigScore (2008)
Jack NicholsonPicture*, Director*, Screenplay* (2005)
Meryl StreepActress, Costume (2006)
Sharlto CopleyPicture, Screenplay, Editing (2009)
Mathieu AmalricDirector, Screenplay, Cinematography (2007)
Meryl StreepActress, Supp. Actor, Supp. Actress (2008)
BeyonceSupp. Actor, Supp. Actress*, Sound* (2006)
Keira KnightleyArt Direction, Costume* (2008)
Viggo MortensenActor (2007)
Carey MulliganPicture, Actress, Screenplay (2009)
Cate BlanchettActress, Costume* (2007)
Amy AdamsSong (2007)
George Clooney (voice)Score, Animated (2009)
Ryan PhilippeSound (2006)
Frank LangellaPicture, Director, Actor (2008)
Melissa LeoActress, Screenplay (2008)
Nicole KidmanArt Direction, Visual Effects* (2007)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Casey AffleckSupp. Actress (2007)
George ClooneyScore (2006)
David StrathairnPicture, Director, Actor (2005)
Matt DamonArt Direction (2006)
Ryan GoslingActor (2006)
Elijah Wood (voice)Animated* (2006)
Sally HawkinsScreenplay (2008)
Daniel RadcliffeArt Direction (2005)
Rupert GrintCinematography (2009)
Ron PerlmanMakeup (2008)
Viggo MortensenSupp. Actor, Screenplay (2005)
Christian Bale (voice)Animated (2005)
Jeremy RennerPicture*, Director*, Screenplay* (2009)
Terrence HowardActor, Song* (2005)
Toni ServilloMakeup (2009)
Edward NortonCinematography (2006)
Cate BlanchettSupp. Actress (2007)
Heath LedgerArt Direction, Costume (2009)
Brendan GleesonScreenplay (2008)
Peter CapaldiScreenplay (2009)
Tommy Lee JonesActor (2007)
Al GoreSong*, Documentary* (2006)
Christoph WaltzPicture, Director, Supp. Actor* (2009)
Emile HirschSupp. Actor, Editing (2007)
Morgan FreemanActor, Supp. Actor (2009)
Robert Downey Jr.Sound Editing, Visual Effects (2008)
Amy AdamsActress (2009)
Amy AdamsSupp. Actress (2005)
Ellen PagePicture, Actress, Screenplay* (2007)
Naomi WattsSound*, Sound Editing*, Visual Effects* (2005)
Khalid AbdallaScore (2007)
Jack Black (voice)Animated (2008)
Marion CotillardActress*, Costume, Makeup* (2007)
Ryan GoslingScreenplay (2007)
Forest WhitakerActor* (2006)
Helen MirrenActress, Supp. Actor (2009)
Ken WatanabePicture, Director, Sound Editing* (2006)
Kate WinsletActress, Supp. Actor, Screenplay (2006)
Greg KinnearPicture, Supp. Actor*, Screenplay* (2006)
Mark WahlbergSupp. Actor (2009)
Kirsten DunstCostume* (2006)
Scarlett JohanssonScreenplay (2005)
Ziyi ZhangCinematography*, Art Direction*, Costume* (2005)
Ben FosterSupp. Actor, Screenplay (2009)
George ClooneyPicture, Actor, Supp. Actress* (2007)
Sean PennPicture, Actor*, Screenplay* (2008)
Steve Buscemi (voice)Animated (2006)
Judi DenchActress, Costume (2005)
Eric BanaPicture, Director, Screenplay (2005)
Colin FarrellCinematography (2005)
Marion CotillardSupp. Actress, Art Direction, Costume (2009)
Josh BrolinPicture*, Director*, Supp. Actor* (2007)
Eddie MurphyMakeup (2007)
Charlize TheronActress, Supp. Actress (2005)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Judi DenchActress, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (2006)
Glen HansardSong* (2007)
Ivana BaqueroScreenplay, Cinematography*, Art Direction* (2006)
Gerard JugnotSong (2009)
Catherine Deneuve (voice)Animated (2007)
Johnny DeppArt Direction, Sound, Visual Effects* (2006)
Orlando BloomVisual Effects, Makeup (2007
Josh LucasVisual Effects (2006)
Gabourey SidibePicture, Supp. Actress*, Screenplay* (2009)
Hugh JackmanCinematography (2006)
Keira KnightleyActress, Art Direction, Costume (2005)
Anika Noni Rose (voice)Song, Animated (2009)
Will SmithActor (2006)
Helen MirrenPicture, Director, Actress* (2006)
Anne HathawayActress (2008)
Patton Oswalt (voice)Screenplay, Score, Animated* (2007)
Kate WinsletPicture, Director, Actress* (2008)
Leonardo DiCaprioSupp. Actor, Art Direction, Costume (2008)
Laura LinneyActress, Screenplay (2007)
Brendan Gleeson (voice)Animated (2009)
Michael StuhlbergPicture, Screenplay (2009)
Robert Downey Jr.Art Direction, Score (2009)
Colin FirthActor (2009)
Dev PatelPicture*, Director*, Screenplay* (2008)
Jeff DanielsScreenplay (2005)
Chris PineSound, Visual Effects, Makeup* (2009)
Ewan McGregorMakeup (2005)
Jeff Bridges (voice)Animated (2007)
Brandon RouthVisual Effects (2006)
Helena Bonham CarterActor, Art Direction*, Costume (2007)
George ClooneySupp. Actor*, Screenplay (2005)
Daniel Day-LewisPicture, Actor*, Cinematography* (2007)
Russell CroweSound, Score (2007)
Felicity HuffmanActress, Song (2005)
Shia LabeoufSound, Sound Editing, Visual Effects (2007)
Megan FoxSound (2009)
Ben StillerSupp. Actor (2008)
Christian ClemensonDirector (2006)
Edward Asner (voice)Picture, Score*, Animated* (2009)
George ClooneyPicture, Actor, Supp. Actress (2009)
Peter O'TooleActor (2006)
Rebecca HallSupp. Actress* (2008)
Richard JenkinsActor (2008)
Penelope CruzActress (2006)
Joaquin PhoenixActor, Actress*, Sound (2005)
Ben Burtt (voice)Screenplay, Score, Animated* (2008)
Ralph Fiennes (voice)Animated* (2005)
James McAvoySound, Sound Editing (2008)
Tom CruiseSound, Sound Editing, Visual Effects (2005)
Christian FriedelCinematography, Foreign Film (2009)
Mickey RourkeActor, Supp. Actress (2008)
Emily BluntArt Direction, Costume*, Makeup (2009)

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