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Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Hugh GrantScreenplay (2002)
Jack NicholsonActor, Supp. Actress (2002)
Nicolas CageActor, Supp. Actor*, Screenplay (2002)
Hilary SwankCostume (2001)
Will SmithActor, Supp. Actor (2001)
Patrick FugitScreenplay*, Supp. Actress, Editing (2000)
Audrey TautouScreenplay, Cinematography, Art Direction (2001)
Paul GiamattiScreenplay (2003)
Haley Joel OsmentVisual Effects, Score (2001)
Leonardo DiCaprioPicture, Actor, Cinematography* (2004)
Remy GirardScreenplay, Foreign Film* (2003)
Russell CrowePicture*, Director*, Actor (2001)
Javier BardemActor (2000)
Ethan HawkeScreenplay (2004)
Annette BeningActress (2004)
Ewan McGregorScore (2003)
Jamie BellDirector, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (2000)
Josh HartnettDirector, Editing*, Sound* (2001)
Renee ZellwegerActress (2001)
Joaquin Phoenix (voice)Animated (2003)
Tom HanksActor, Sound (2000)
Leonardo DiCaprioSupp. Actor, Score (2002)
Jennifer LopezMakeup (2000)
Renee ZellwegerPicture*, Director, Supp. Actress* (2002)
Juliette BinochePicture, Actress, Supp. Actress (2000)
Gerard JugnotSong, Foreign Film (2004)
Alice BragaDirector, Screenplay, Cinematography (2003)
Julia RobertsSupp. Actor, Supp. Actress (2004)
Jude LawActor, Supp. Actress*, Cinematography (2003)
Tom CruiseSupp. Actor, Editing (2004)
Joan AllenActor, Supp. Actor (2000)
William H. MacySupp. Actor (2003)
Chow Yun-FatPicture, Director, Cinematography* (2000)
BjorkSong (2000)
Audrey TautouScreenplay (2003)
EminemSong* (2002)
David Spade (voice)Song (2000)
Julia RobertsPicture, Director, Actress* (2000)
Kate WinsletActress, Screenplay* (2004)
Julianne MooreActress, Cinematography, Score (2002)
Albert Brooks (voice)Screenplay, Score, Animated* (2003)
Johnny DeppPicture, Actor, Score* (2004)
Salma HayekActress, Makeup*, Score* (2002)
Daniel Day-LewisPicture, Director, Actor (2002)
Thora BirchScreenplay (2001)
Scarlett JohanssonCinematography, Art Direction, Costume (2003)
Russell CrowePicture*, Director, Actor* (2000)
Maggie SmithPicture, Director, Screenplay* (2001)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Daniel RadcliffeArt Direction, Costume, Score (2001)
Emma WatsonVisual Effects, Score (2004)
Kevin BaconVisual Effects (2000)
Don CheadleActor, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (2004)
Nicole KidmanPicture, Director, Actress* (2002)
Ziyi ZhangCinematography (2004)
Ben KingsleyActor, Supp. Actress, Score (2003)
Jim CarreyArt Direction, Costume, Makeup* (2000)
Sean PennActor (2001)
Will SmithVisual Effects (2004)
Ray Romano (voice)Animated (2002)
Samantha MortonActress, Supp. Actor, Screenplay (2003)
Tom WilkinsonPicture, Actor, Actress (2001)
Craig T. Nelson (voice)Screenplay, Sound Editing*, Animated* (2004)
Judi DenchActress, Supp. Actor*, Supp. Actress (2001)
Debi Derryberry (voice)Animated (2001)
Meg RyanSong (2001)
Liam NeesonSupp. Actress (2004)
Tom CruiseSupp. Actor, Costume, Sound (2003)
Jim CarreyArt Direction, Costume, Makeup* (2004)
Chris Sanders (voice)Animated (2002)
Ian McKellenPicture, Cinematography*, Visual Effects* (2001)
Elijah WoodPicture, Sound Editing*, Visual Effects* (2002)
Viggo MortensenPicture*, Director*, Screenplay* (2003)
Bill MurrayPicture, Actor, Screenplay* (2003)
Monica BellucciCinematography, Score (2000)
Billy Bob ThorntonCinematography (2001)
Catalina Sandino MorenoActress (2004)
Russell CrowePicture, Director, Cinematography* (2003)
Ben StillerSong (2000)
Guy PearceScreenplay, Editing (2001)
Christopher GuestSong (2003)
Clint EastwoodPicture*, Director*, Actress* (2004)
Tom CruiseSound Editing (2002)
Charlize TheronActress* (2003)
Halle BerryActress*, Screenplay (2001)
Billy Crystal (voice)Sound Editing, Song*, Animated (2001)
Gael Garcia BernalScreenplay, Song* (2004)
Nicole KidmanPicture, Art Direction*, Costume* (2001)
Naomi WattsDirector (2001)
Nia VardelosScreenplay (2002)
Sean PennPicture, Actor*, Supp. Actor* (2003)
George ClooneyScreenplay, Cinematography (2000)
Glenn CloseCostume (2000)
Jim CaviezelCinematography, Makeup, Score (2004)
Mel GibsonCinematography, Sound, Score (2000)
Ben AffleckSound, Sound Editing*, Song (2001)
George ClooneySound, Visual Effects (2000)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Emmy RossumCinematography, Art Direction, Song (2004)
Adrien BrodyPicture, Director*, Actor* (2002)
Katie HolmesSupp. Actress (2003)
Johnny DeppActor, Sound, Visual Effects (2003)
Tom Hanks (voice)Sound, Sound Editing, Song (2004)
Ed HarrisActor, Supp. Actress* (2000)
Michael CaineActor (2002)
Geoffrey RushActor, Art Direction, Costume (2000)
Jamie FoxxPicture, Director, Actor* (2004)
Ellen BurstynActress (2000)
Tom HanksSupp. Actor, Cinematography*, Sound (2002)
Gene HackmanScreenplay (2001)
Javier BardemMakeup, Foreign Film* (2004)
Tobey MaguirePicture, Screenplay, Cinematography (2003)
Ben KingsleySupp. Actor (2001)
Willem DafoeSupp. Actor, Makeup (2000)
Will Smith (voice)Animated (2004)
Mike Myers (voice)Screenplay, Animated* (2001)
Eddie Murphy (voice)Song, Animated (2004)
Paul GiamattiPicture, Director, Screenplay* (2004)
Jack NicholsonActress (2003)
Clint EastwoodSound Editing (2000)
Tobey MaguireSound, Visual Effects (2002)
Kirsten DunstSound, Sound Editing, Visual Effects* (2004)
Matt Damon (voice)Animated (2002)
Daveigh Chase (voice)Animated* (2002)
Ewan McGregorVisual Effects (2002)
Javier CamaraDirector, Screenplay* (2002)
Evan Rachel WoodSupp. Actress (2003)
Guy PearceMakeup (2002)
Benicio Del ToroPicture, Director*, Supp. Actor* (2000)
Denzel WashingtonActor*, Supp. Actor (2001)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (voice)Animated (2002)
Lina Bondreau (voice)Song, Animated (2003)
Brad PittCostume (2004)
Naomi WattsActress, Supp. Actor (2003)
Matthew McConaugheySound, Sound Editing* (2000)
Diane LaneActress (2002)
Gerard DepardieuArt Direction (2000)
Tom CruiseSong (2001)
Imelda StauntonDirector, Actress, Screenplay (2004)
Audrey TautouCinematography, Art Direction (2004)
Joaquin PhoenixScore (2004)
Keira Castle-HughesActress (2003)
Lacey Chabert (voice)Song (2002)
Michael DouglasScreenplay, Editing, Song* (2000)
Maribel VerduScreenplay (2002)
Laura LinneyActress, Screenplay (2000)

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