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Can you name every Oscar nominated movie from 1980-1984?

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Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Paul NewmanActor, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (1981)
Rachel WardSong (1984)
William HurtSound, Score (1980)
F. Murray AbrahamPicture*, Director*, Actor* (1984)
David NaughtonMakeup* (1981)
Albert FinneyArt Direction, Adapted Score (1982)
Dudley MooreActor, Supp. Actor*, Song* (1981)
Burt LancasterPicture, Actor, Actress (1981)
Burt ReynoldsSong (1982)
Dolly PartonSupp. Actor (1982)
Jeremy IronsScreenplay (1983)
Eddie MurphyScreenplay (1984)
Kevin KlinePicture, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (1983)
Harrison FordArt Direction, Visual Effects (1982)
Brooke ShieldsCinematography (1980)
Roy ScheiderEditing (1983)
Vanessa RedgraveActress, Costume (1984)
Edward WoodwardScreenplay (1980)
Woody AllenDirector, Screenplay (1984)
Robert RedfordScreenplay (1980)
Ben CrossPicture*, Screenplay*, Score* (1981)
Sissy SpacekPicture, Actress*, Screenplay (1980)
Richard DreyfussEditing, Song (1980)
Richard GereArt Direction, Editing (1984)
Jessica LangeActress (1984)
Mary SteenburgenSupp. Actor, Supp. Actress, Costume (1983)
Jurgen ProchnowDirector, Screenplay, Cinematography (1982)
Steve GuttenbergScreenplay (1982)
Peter MacNicolVisual Effects, Score (1981)
Tom CourtenayPicture, Director, Actor (1983)
Kyle MacLachlanSound (1984)
Michael CaineActor, Actress, Screenplay (1983)
David VillalpandoScreenplay (1984)
John HurtPicture, Director, Actor (1980)
Mark HamillArt Direction, Sound*, Score (1980)
Brooke ShieldsSong (1981)
Henry ThomasPicture, Visual Effects*, Score* (1982)
Helen MirrenCinematography (1981)
Irene CaraScreenplay, Score*, Song* (1980)
Bertil GuveDirector, Cinematography*, Art Direction* (1983)
Jennifer BealsCinematography, Editing, Song* (1983)
Kevin BaconSong (1984)
Roger MooreSong (1981)
Marlon BrandoCinematography (1980)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Jessica LangeActress, Supp. Actress (1982)
Meryl StreepActress, Screenplay, Art Direction (1981)
Ben KingsleyPicture*, Director*, Actor* (1982)
Bill MurrayVisual Effects, Song (1984)
Gena RowlandsActress (1980)
Jim Henson (voice)Song (1981)
Robert DuvallActor, Supp. Actor (1980)
Christopher LambertSupp. Actor, Screenplay, Makeup (1984)
Bonnie BedeliaCostume (1983)
Andy KaufmanMakeup (1981)
Kris KristoffersonArt Direction (1981)
Willie NelsonSong (1980)
Harrison FordVisual Effects*, Score (1984)
John SavageSupp. Actress (1980)
Tatsuya NakadaiArt Direction, Foreign Film (1980)
Ralph MacchioSupp. Actor (1984)
Sam WaterstonPicture, Supp. Actor*, Cinematography* (1984)
Teresa StratasArt Direction, Costume (1982)
Paul Le MatSupp. Actor, Supp. Actress*, Screenplay* (1980)
Jack LemmonPicture, Actor, Screenplay* (1982)
Frank Oz (voice)Song-Score (1984)
Gerard DepardieuScreenplay (1980)
Judy DavisCostume (1980)
Peter O'TooleActor (1982)
Robert RedfordSupp. Actress, Cinematography, Art Direction (1984)
Charles Martin SmithSound (1983)
Lily TomlinSong (1980)
Richard GereActress, Supp. Actor*, Song* (1982)
Henry FondaPicture, Actor*, Actress* (1981)
Frederic ForrestAdapted Score (1982)
Marsha MasonActress, Supp. Actor, Supp. Actress (1981)
Donald SutherlandPicture*, Director*, Supp. Actor* (1980)
Sean ConnerySound (1981)
Judy DavisPicture, Supp. Actress*, Score* (1984)
Steve MartinScreenplay, Costume, Sound (1981)
Sally FieldPicture, Actress*, Screenplay* (1984)
JoBeth WilliamsSound Editing, Visual Effects, Score (1982)
Mickey RourkeSupp. Actress (1984)
Treat WilliamsScreenplay (1981)
Goldie HawnActress, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (1980)
PrinceSong-Score* (1984)
Ron PerlmanMakeup* (1982)
Robert De NiroPicture, Actor*, Editing* (1980)
Howard E. Rollins Jr.Supp. Actor, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (1981)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Harrison FordPicture, Editing*, Sound* (1981)
Warren BeattyPicture, Director*, Supp. Actress* (1981)
Ellen BurstynActress, Supp. Actress (1980)
Carrie FisherArt Direction, Sound, Score (1983)
Gerard DepardieuCostume (1983)
Tom ContiActor, Screenplay (1983)
Sam ShepardPicture, Edting*, Score* (1983)
Sissy SpacekActress, Cinematography, Sound (1984)
Sylvestor StalloneSong (1982)
Kathleen TurnerEditing (1984)
Meryl StreepDirector, Actress, Supp. Actress (1983)
Adolph CaesarPicture, Supp. Actor, Screenplay (1984)
Christopher ReeveCostume (1980)
Willie NelsonSong-Score (1984)
Meryl StreepActress*, Screenplay, Cinematography (1982)
Tom HanksScreenplay (1984)
Jeff BridgesActor (1984)
Jackie GleasonAdapted Score (1983)
Peter O'TooleDirector, Actor, Screenplay (1980)
Goldie HawnSupp. Actress (1984)
Robert DuvallPicture, Actor*, Screenplay* (1983)
Shirley MacLainePicture*, Director*, Actress* (1983)
Nastassja KinskiPicture, Cinematography*, Art Direction* (1980)
Jane AlexanderActress (1983)
Mel BrooksSupp. Actor (1983)
Dustin HoffmanPicture, Actor, Supp. Actress* (1982)
Dan AykroydAdapted Score (1983)
Jack LemmonActor (1980)
Jeff BridgesCostume, Sound (1982)
Roy ScheiderArt Direction, Sound, Visual Effects (1984)
Nick NolteScore (1983)
Albert FinneyActor, Score (1984)
Paul NewmanPicture, Director, Actor (1982)
Julie AndrewsActress, Supp. Actor, Adapted Score* (1982)
Matthew BroderickScreenplay, Cinematography, Sound (1983)
Jacqueline BissetCostume (1980)
Gene WilderSong* (1984)
Robin WilliamsSupp. Actor, Supp. Actress (1982)
Mel GibsonSupp. Actress* (1983)
Barbra StreisandSupp. Actress, Adapted Score*, Song (1983)
Luciano PavarottiSong (1982)
Mia FarrowCinematography, Costume (1983)

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