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Can you nameCan you name every Oscar Nominated movie from 1975-1979?

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Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Vanessa Redgrave Costume (1979)
Jack LemmonArt Direction, Costume (1977)
Sigourney WeaverArt Direction, Visual Effects* (1979)
Robert RedfordPicture, Supp. Actor*, Screenplay* (1976)
Roy ScheiderPicture, Art Direction*, Costume* (1979)
Magali NoelDirector, Screenplay (1975), Foreign Film* (1974)
James BrolinScore (1979)
Al PacinoActor, Screenplay (1979)
Marthe KellerScreenplay (1975)
Woody AllenPicture*, Director*, Actress* (1977)
Martin SheenPicture, Cinmatography*, Sound* (1979)
Ingrid BergmanActress, Screenplay (1978)
Ryan O'NealPicture, Cinematography*, Art Direction* (1975)
Peter SellersActor, Supp. Actor* (1979)
Lee Bergere (voice)Score (1975)
Gene HackmanSound, Score (1975)
Anthony PerkinsCinematography, Visual Effects (1979)
Mickey RooneySupp. Actor, Editing (1979)
Richard GereScreenplay (1978)
David CarradinePicture, Cinematography*, Adapted Score* (1976)
Laurence OlivierActor, Editing, Score (1978)
Dennis ChristopherPicture, Director, Screenplay* (1979)
Peter FalkArt Direction (1978)
Gary BuseyActor, Sound, Adapted Score* (1978)
Jodie FosterAdapted Score (1976)
Tom BerengerCostume (1979)
Maggie SmithSupp. Actress*, Screenplay, Art Direction (1978)
Anthony QuinnCostume (1978)
Sissy SpacekActress, Supp. Actress (1976)
Jon VoightScore (1979)
Marsha MasonActress (1979)
Jane FondaActor, Actress, Screenplay (1979)
Richard DreyfussDirector, Supp. Actress, Cinematography* (1977)
James CaanSupp. Actor (1978)
Jon VoightPicture, Actor*, Actress* (1978)
Marie-Christine BarraultActress, Screenplay, Foreign Film (1976)
Donald SutherlandSupp. Actor, Cinematography (1975)
Brooke AdamsCinematography*, Costume, Score (1978)
Peter UstinovCostume* (1978)
Nick NolteSound (1977)
Robert De NiroPicture*, Director*, Supp. Actor* (1978)
Al PacinoPicture, Actor, Screenplay* (1975)
Robrert RedfordSound (1979)
Richard BurtonActor, Supp. Actor, Screenplay (1977)
Lee RemickCostume (1979)
Liv UllmannDirector, Actress (1976)
Robert MitchumSupp. Actress (1975)
Donald SutherlandScreenplay, Costume* (1976)
Goldie HawnSong (1978)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Raquel Welch Costume (1975)
Woody AllenScreenplay (1976)
Barbra StreisandCinematography, Sound, Song (1975)
James WhitmoreActor (1975)
Marsha MasonPicture, Actor*, Actress (1977)
John TravoltaSong (1978)
Anthony EisleySong (1976)
Warren BeattyPicture, Director, Art Direction* (1978)
Glenda JacksonActress (1975)
Carol KaneActress (1975)
George C. ScottCinematography, Art Direction, Sound (1975)
Burt ReynoldsSound (1978)
Kathleen QuinlanScreenplay (1977)
Lynn-Holly JohnsonSong (1979)
Glenda JacksonArt Direction, Costume (1976)
Geraldine PageDirector, Actress, Supp. Actress (1978)
George C. ScottCinematography (1977)
Roy ScheiderPicture, Editing*, Score* (1975)
Jane FondaPicture, Supp. Actor*, Supp. Actress* (1977)
Jeff BridgesCinematography, Sound (1976)
Dustin HoffmanPicture*, Director*, Actor* (1979)
Ugo TognazziDirector, Screenplay, Costume (1979)
Robert De NiroArt Direction (1976)
Lily TomlinScreenplay (1977)
Marilyn LightstoneScreenplay (1975)
Elizabeth TaylorCostume, Song Score* (1977)
Diane LaneScreenplay, Score* (1979)
Michael YorkCinematography, Art Direction (1976)
Diane KeatonSupp. Actress, Cinematography (1977)
Josef KostlingerCostume (1975)
James StewartSong (1978)
Diana RossSong (1975)
Maximilian SchellActor (1975)
Sean ConneryScreenplay, Art Direction, Costume (1975)
Woody AllenSupp. Actress, Screenplay (1979)
Dustin HoffmanSupp. Actor (1976)
Anthony QuinnScore (1977)
Sean ConnerySound (1979)
Brad DavisPicture, Screenplay*, Score* (1978)
Roger MooreVisual Effects (1979)
Jim HensonSong, Song Score (1979)
Lily TomlinPicture, Director, Song* (1975)
Faye DunawayPicture, Actor*, Actress* (1976)
John BelushiCinematography, Sound, Visual Effects (1979)
Sally FieldPicture, Actress*, Song* (1979)
Cliff RobertsonScore (1976)
George BurnsScreenplay (1977)
Gregory PeckScore*, Song (1976)
Brenda VaccaroSupp. Actress (1975)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Jack NicholsonPicture*, Director*, Actor* (1975)
Susan SarandonCostume (1977)
Marilyn HassettSong (1975)
Clint EastwoodScore (1976)
Harry AndrewsCostume (1976)
Mickey RooneyAdapted Score, Song (1977)
Peter SellersSong (1976)
Brooke ShieldsAdapted Score (1978)
Kathleen QuinlanSong (1979)
Bob Newhart (voice)Song (1977)
Sylvester StallonePicture*, Director*, Editing* (1976)
Bette MidlerActress, Supp. Actor, Sound (1979)
Ellen BurstynActress, Screenplay, Cinematography (1978)
John TravoltaActor (1977)
Vittorio GassmanScreenplay, Foreign Film (1975)
Giancarlo GianniniDirector, Actor, Screenplay (1976)
Alan ArkinScreenplay, Costume (1976)
Warren BeattySupp. Actor, Supp. Actress*, Screenplay (1975)
John WayneArt Direction (1976)
Gene WilderSound (1976)
Richard ChamberlainSong Score, Song (1977)
Burt ReynoldsEditing (1977)
Roy ScheiderSound (1977)
Marcello MastroianniActor, Foreign Film (1977)
Roger MooreArt Direction, Score, Song (1977)
Barbra StreisandCinematography, Sound, Song* (1976)
William ShatnerArt Direction, Visual Effects, Score (1979)
Mark HamillPicture, Visual Effects*, Score* (1977)
Jill ClayburghActress, Supp. Actress (1979)
Isabelle AdjaniActress (1975)
Walter MatthauActor, Supp. Actor*, Screenplay (1975)
Christopher ReeveEditing, Sound, Score
Michael CaineCostume (1978)
Robert De NiroPicture, Actor, Supp. Actress (1976)
Bo DerekScore, Song (1979)
Donna SummersSong* (1978)
Fernando ReyScreenplay, Foreign Film (1977)
Robert RedfordEditing (1975)
Roger DaltreyActress, Song Score (1975)
Shirley MacLainePicture, Director, Actress (1977)
Charlton HestonEditing (1976)
Jill ClayburghPicture, Actress, Screenplay (1978)
Lee GrantSupp. Actress, Screenplay, Score (1976)
Elliott GouldSong (1975)
Sean ConnerySound, Score (1975)
Diana RossCinematography, Art Direction, Costume (1978)
Didi ConnSong* (1977)

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