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Can you name every Oscar Nominated movie from 1970-1974?

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Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Burt LancasterPicture, Director, Supp. Actress* (1970)
Ellen BurstynActress*, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (1974)
Ron HowardPicture, Director, Screenplay (1973)
Arthur HillArt Direction, Editing (1971)
Richard DreyfussScreenplay (1974)
Barbara HersheySong Score (1970)
Robert De NiroSupp. Actor (1973)
Angela LansburyArt Direction, Costume, Visual Effects* (1971)
Lee MontgomerySong (1972)
Peter BreckSong (1974)
Cleavon LittleSupp. Actress, Editing, Song (1974)
Bill MumySong (1971)
TwiggySong Score (1971)
Peter Robbins (voice)Song Score (1970)
Graham FaulknerArt Direction (1973)
Goldie HawnSupp. Actress, Cinematography, Sound (1972)
Liza MinnelliPicture, Director*, Actress* (1972)
Robert RedfordScreenplay*, Sound (1972)
Jack NicholsonSupp. Actress (1971)
Jack NicholsonPicture, Director, Screenplay* (1974)
Marsha MasonActress, Score, Song (1973)
Diahann CarrollActress (1974)
Malcolm McDowellPicture, Director, Screenplay (1971)
Jean-Louis TrintignantScreenplay (1971)
Gene HackmanPicture, Screenplay, Sound (1974)
Liv UllmannPicture, Director, Cinematography* (1973)
Richard HarrisCostume*, Score (1970)
Cybill ShepherdCostume (1974)
Julie AndrewsCostume, Song, Song Score (1970)
Jacqueline BissetDirector, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (1974)
George C. ScottSound, Score (1973)
Edward FoxEditing (1973)
Marisa BerensonCostume (1971)
Jon VoightPicture, Director, Editing (1972)
Sean ConnerySound (1971)
Carrie SnodgressActress (1970)
Fernando ReyScreenplay, Foreign Film* (1972)
Charlton HestonCinematography, Art Direction, Sound* (1974)
Liv UllmannPicture, Director, Actress (1972)
Linda BlairPicture, Screenplay*, Sound* (1973)
Stacy KeachSupp. Actress (1972)
Martin PotterDirector (1970)
TopolPicture, Cinematography*, Sound* (1971)
Jack NicholsonPicture, Actor, Supp. Actress (1970)
Gene HackmanPicture*, Director*, Editing* (1971)
Dominique SandaScreenplay, Foreign Film* (1971)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Julie ChristieSupp. Actress (1971)
Marlon BrandoPicture*, Actor*, Screenplay* (1972)
Al PacinoPicture*, Director*, Supp. Actor* (1974)
Roger MooreSong (1974)
Robert RedfordCostume*, Adapted Score* (1974)
James Earl JonesActor, Actress (1970)
Art CarneyActor*, Screenplay (1974)
Charlton HestonCostume (1970)
Charles GrodinSupp, Actor, Supp. Actress (1972)
George C. ScottActor, Screenplay* (1971)
George SegalEditing (1972)
Melvyn DouglasActor, Supp. Actor, Screenplay (1970)
Susannah YorkScore (1972)
Gian Maria VolonteScreenplay (1971), Foreign Film* (1970)
David HartmanArt Direction (1974)
Ted NeeleySong Score (1973)
Susan SarandonScreenplay (1970)
James Franciscus (voice)Cinematography, Editing (1973)
Walter MatthauActor, Editing, Sound (1971)
Jane FondaActress*, Screenplay (1971)
Diana RossActress, Screenplay, Song Score (1972)
Lee GrantSupp. Actress (1970)
Jack NicholsonActor, Supp. Actor, Screenplay (1973)
Timothy BottomsPicture, Supp. Actor*, Supp. Actress* (1971)
Marlon BrandoDirector, Actor (1973)
Dustin HoffmanPicture, Director, Actor (1974)
The BeatlesSong Score* (1970)
Paul NewmanSong (1972)
Charlie ChaplinScore* (1972)
Theodore BikelSong (1972)
Dustin HoffmanSupp. Actor (1970)
Richard KileySong Score, Song (1974)
Roger MooreSong (1973)
Burt ReynoldsEditing (1974)
Ali MacGrawPicture, Actress, Score* (1970)
Richard S. CastellanoSupp. Actor, Screenplay, Song* (1970)
Helmut BergerCostume (1973)
Richard BooneSong (1970)
Sophia LorenSong Score (1972)
Vanessa RedgraveActress, Art Direction, Costume (1971)
Elliott GouldPicture, Director, Screenplay* (1970)
Warren BeattyActress (1971)
Sean Connery Art Direction (1970)
Albert FinneyActor, Supp. Actress*, Screenplay (1974)
Lea MassariScreenplay (1972)
Jean-Louis TrintignantScreenplay, Foreign Film (1970)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Jodie FosterScore (1972)
Janet SuzmanPicture, Art Direction*, Costume* (1971)
Timothy BottomsSupp. Actor*, Screenplay, Sound (1973)
Tatum O'NealSupp. Actress*, Screenplay, Sound (1973)
Steve McQueenScore (1973)
George C. ScottPicture*, Director*, Actor* (1970)
Carol BurnettSupp. Actress, Screenplay (1972)
William FinleyAdapted Score (1974)
Robert ForsterSong (1970)
Gene HackmanSupp. Actress, Sound, Song* (1972)
Brian Bedford (voice)Song (1973)
Peter O'TooleActor (1972)
Sarah MilesActress, Supp. Actor*, Cinematography* (1970)
Jack LemmonActor*, Supp. Actor, Screenplay (1973)
Albert FinneyArt Direction, Costume, Song (1970)
Al PacinoActor, Screenplay (1973)
William DanielsCinematography (1972)
Richard RoundtreeScore, Song* (1971)
Marcel MarceauScore (1974)
Michael CaineDirector, Actor, Score (1972)
Paul NewmanSupp. Actor, Song (1971)
Cicely TysonPicture, Actor, Actress (1972)
Dustin HoffmanScore (1971)
Alejandro ReySong (1972)
Robert RedfordPicture*, Director*, Screenplay* (1973)
Gary GrimesScreenplay, Cinematography, Score* (1971)
Joanne WoodwardActress, Supp. Actress (1973)
Peter FinchDirector, Actor, Actress (1971)
Sophia LorenScore (1970)
Innokentiy SmoktunovskiyAdapted/Song Score, Foreign Film (1971)
Clint EastwoodSupp. Actor (1974)
Johnny WhitakerArt Direction, Costume, Song Score (1973)
Martin BalsamCinematography, Sound, Visual Effects* (1970)
Glenda JacksonPicture, Actress*, Screenplay (1973)
Paul NewmanPicture, Cinematography*, Editing* (1974)
Maggie SmithActress, Art Direction, Costume* (1972)
Barbra StreisandActress, Score*, Song* (1973)
Debbie ReynoldsCostume (1971)
Victoria VetriVisual Effects (1971)
Dustin HoffmanSupp. Actress (1971)
Gene WilderSong Score (1971)
Gena RowlandsDirector, Actress (1974)
Glenda JacksonActress*, Director, Screenplay (1970)
Jimi HendrixEditing, Sound, Documentary* (1970)
Gene WilderScreenplay, Sound (1974)
Simon WardScreenplay, Art Direction, Costume (1972)

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