Movies Quiz / Guild Award Winners: PGA/DGA/SAG/WGA (2000s)

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Can you name the Guild Award Winners: PGA/DGA/SAG/WGA

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Producers Guild Winners
2000 (Russell Crowe) 
2001 (Nicole Kidman) 
2002 (RenĂ©e Zellweger) 
2003 (Viggo Mortensen) 
2004 (Leonardo DiCaprio) 
2005 (Heath Ledger) 
2006 (Greg Kinnear) 
2007 (Tommy Lee Jones) 
2008 (Dev Patel) 
2009 (Jeremy Renner) 
Directors Guild Winners
2000 (Chow Yun Fat) 
2001 (Russell Crowe) 
2002 (Catherine Zeta-Jones) 
2003 (Elijah Wood) 
2004 (Hilary Swank) 
2005 (Jake Gyllenhaal) 
2006 (Leonardo DiCaprio) 
2007 (Javier Bardem) 
2008 (Freida Pinto) 
2009 (Anthony Mackie) 
Screen Actors Guild Winners
2000 (Benicio Del Toro) 
2001 (Maggie Smith) 
2002 (Richard Gere) 
2003 (Ian McKellen) 
2004 (Paul Giamatti) 
2005 (Matt Dillon) 
2006 (Toni Collette) 
2007 (Josh Brolin) 
2008 (Anil Kapoor) 
2009 (Brad Pitt) 
Writers Guild Original Screenplay Winners
2000 (Laura Linney) 
2001 (Helen Mirren) 
2002 (Michael Moore) 
2003 (Bill Murray) 
2004 (Jim Carrey) 
2005 (Sandra Bullock) 
2006 (Steve Carell) 
2007 (Ellen Page) 
2008 (Sean Penn) 
2009 (Brian Geraghty) 
Writers Guild Adapted Screenplay Winners
2000 (Michael Douglas) 
2001 (Jennifer Connelly) 
2002 (Nicole Kidman) 
2003 (Paul Giamatti) 
2004 (Thomas Haden Church) 
2005 (Michelle Williams) 
2006 (Matt Damon) 
2007 (Woody Harrelson) 
2008 (Irrfan Khan) 
2009 (George Clooney) 

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