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Last scene takes place in a row boat
Considered the very first 'summer blockbuster'
A foreign language film
The lead actor in this film also wrote the screenplay
Won 8 Oscars
One of the film's taglines is 'Where's Olive?'
The entire film was filmed on one massive, custom-built set with most shots contained to one small room
Ranked 3rd on AFI's Top 10 Fantasy Films of All Time
Stars Craig T. Nelson
The characters in the film are all named after prominent actors such as Meryl Streep and Marlon Brando
A studio exec once said, 'If we could clean this up and add a few songs, it could be a great vehicle for Elvis Presley'
First film of the third highest-grossing movie franchise of all time
The tagline for this film was 'Somebody said get a they did.'
Highest-Ranked of these films on IMDB
Ranked 3rd on the All Time Highest Grossing Domestic Box Office Chart after being adjusted for inflation
The camera is always moving (if only slightly) in every scene of the film
Co-stars Mike Myers
IMDB Plot Keywords for this film include 'Ferret,' 'Nihilism,' and 'Rug'
The set for this film was later used in Rebel Without A Cause
The titular character doesn't appear until over an hour and a half into the film
The working title of this film was 'Would I Lie to You?'
The sequel to this film came out 14 years later
Released in 1960
Dennis Hopper's first film
Rated PG for mild profanity and cartoon violence
Written by 'Forrest Gump' director, Robert Zemeckis
Starred an 8-year-old who became the youngest person to be nominated for a competitive Oscar
Of the 28 roles listed in the cast of this film on IMDB, none are female
Stars a famous brother and sister who play brother and sister in the film
Takes place in Africa

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