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Can you name the actresses who correspond to these Best Supporting Actress Oscar-winning character names?

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Forced Order
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Housekeeper Faith Paleologus
Slave Patsey
Preacher's Daughter Blanche Barrow
Actress Diane Barrie
Ma Joad
Housewife Ruth Popper
Aunt Belle Massey
Photographer Billy Kwan
Farm Hand Ruby Thewes
Artist Lee Krasner
Recovering Addict Holly
Alcoholic Gaye Dawn
Young Wife Honey
Physician Julia
Fashion Editor Anne Dettrey
Queen Elizabeth I
Soap Star Julie Nichols
Theatre Actress Helen Sinclair
Author Emma Goldman
Alma 'Lorene' Burke
Maerose Prizzi
Widow Madame Hortense
Missionary Greta Ohlsson
Edie Doyle
Prostitute Lulu Baines
Widow Sophie Nelson
Veta Louise Simmons
Pianist Sandra Kovak
Hotel Manager Pat Cooper
The Duchess of Brighton
Troubled Twentysomething Toni Simmons
Nurse Hana
Southern Belle Rosemary Bartlow
Prisoner Velma Kelly
Petronella van Daan
Bridget Fagan-Brown
Stowaway Ada Quonsett
Matriarch Rose Castorini
Anne Napolitano
Prostitue Lynn Margaret Bracken
Girlfriend Felicia Karpf
Sociopath Lisa Rowe
Prostitute Rose-ann D'Arcey
Flora McGrath
Alicia de Lardé-Nash
Southern Belle Stella Kowalski
Laundress Molly O'Leary
Single Mother Olivia Evans
R&B Singer Effie White
Mrs. Moore
Abusive Mother Mary Lee Johnston
Campaign Assistant Sadie Burke
Humanitarian Tessa Abbott-Quayle
Single Mother Fantine
Deaf-Blind Helen Keller
Con Artist Oda Mae Brown
Mrs. Baker
Orphan Addie Loggins
Louise Schumacher
Maid Minny Jackson
Matriarch Alice Eklund-Ward
Lawyer Karen Crowder
Ex-Wife María Elena
Lynda West-Dummar
Matriarch Kate Trask
Newlywed Carol Beldon
Mrs. Araminty Brown
Nymphomaniac Marylee Hadley
Joanna Kramer
Housewife Rose Maxson
Actress Katharine Hepburn
Ma Mott
Mona Lisa Vito
Anita del Carmen
Artist Gerda Wegener
Japanese Citizen Katsumi Kelly
Dog Trainer Muriel Pritchett
Guerrilla Pilar
Prostitute Linda Ash
Minnie Castevet

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