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Can you name the actors who correspond to these Best Supporting Actor Oscar-winning character names?

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Forced Order
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Conductor Terence Fletcher
Dr. Sean Maguire
Boxer Dicky Eklund
Soviet Spy Rudolf Abel
MC Rocky Graver
Little Bill Daggett
Sam the Lion
Father Fitzgibbon
Museum Director Hal Fields
Grandpa Edwin Hoover
Horticulturist John Laroche
Halfwit Michael
Salesman John Cleary
Patriarch Gwilym Morgan
Actor Béla Lugosi
Trail Boss Curly Washburn
Comedian Al Lewis
Author Dashiell Hammett
Widower Swan Bostrom
Senior Citizen Arthur Selwyn
Eddie 'Scrap-Iron' Dupris
Roman Businessman Lentulus Batiatus
CIA Officer Bob Barnes
Kingpin Tom 'Boss' Finley
Rancher Rufus Hannassey
Business Mogul Benjamin Turnbull Rand
Con Artist Roger 'Verbal' Kint
Criminal Otto West
Alcoholic Johnny Nolan
Transgender Woman Rayon
Agent Arnold Burns
Astronaut Garrett Breedlove
Prisoner Dragline
Police Officer Javier Rodriguez
Alcoholic Jeff Hartnett
Dr. King Schultz
Italian Immigrant Vito Corleone
Abusive Father Glen Whitehouse
U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard
Major Harvey Stovall
World War II Vet Homer Parrish
Artist Paul Gauguin
Valet Hobson
Professor Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr.
Rancher Homer Bannon
Ensign Frank Thurlowe Pulver
Millionaire Benjamin Dingle
Theatre Critic Addison De Witt
Judge Roy Bean
Hustler Arthur Simon Simpson
Gangster Tommy DeVito
Prospector Howard
Hitman Anton Chigurh
Teenager Conrad Jarrett
Captain Alfred Dreyfus
Master of Ceremonies
Officer Dixon
Colonel Hans Landa
Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver Rod Tidwell
Private Silas Trip
Publicist Oscar Muldoon
The Joker
Revolutionary Eufemio Zapata
Mild-Mannered Harold 'Mitch' Mitchell
Dr. Josiah Boone
Cheating Husband Elliott Daniels
Vietnam War Soldier Nikonar Chevotarevich
Photojournalist Dith Pran
Kris Kringle
Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee
Dr. Wilbur Larch
Lawyer Willie 'Whiplash' Gingrich
Novelist John Bayley
Farmer Peter Goodwin
Officer Jim Malone
Sheik Ilderim
Gang Leader Bernardo Nuñez
Gunnery Sgt. Emil Foley
Airman Joe Kelly
Blue-Collar Worker Dave Boyle
Drug Dealer Juan
Private Angelo Maggio

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