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Can you name the actresses who correspond to these Best Actress Oscar-winning character names?

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Forced Order
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Bourgeois Margaret Schlegel
Widowed Shopkeeper Cesira
Art Gallery Owner Christina Drayton
Student Bernadette Soubirous
Servant O-Lan
Model Diana Scott
Deaf-Mute Belinda McDonald
Activist Erin Brockovich
FBI Agent Clarice Starling
Annie Hall
Wealthy Lina MacLaidlaw
Author Virginia Woolf
Housewife Mildred Pierce
Split Personalities Eve White / Eve Black / Jane
Merchant's Daughter Viola de Lesseps
Single Mother Alice Hyatt
Prostitue Diane / Vagabond Angela / The Wife
Linguistics Professor Alice Howland
Southern Belle Scarlett O'Hara
Sister Helen Prejean
Nanny Mary Poppins
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Cleaning Woman Sarah Norman
Single Mother Madelon Claudet
Traveler Carrie Watts
Artist Gudrun Brangwen
High School Teacher Blanche DuBois
Transgender Man Brandon Teena
Inn Owner Min Divot
Housewife Carly Marshall
Police Chief Marge Gunderson
Actress Fanny Brice
Socialite Jeannette 'Jasmine' Francis
Broadway Actress Joyce Heath
Prostitute Barbara Graham
Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos
Southern Belle Norma Besant
Mobster's Wife Emma 'Billie' Dawn
Accountant Linda Castorini
Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia / Refugee Anna Koreff
Housekeeper Alma Brown
French Actress Anna Held
Actress Mia
Pianist Ada McGrath
Ballerina Nina Sayers
Duchess Eleanor of Aquitane
Country Singer June Carter Cash
Nurse Mildred Ratched
Princess Ann
Single Mother Joy Newsome
Housewife Kay Miniver
Matriarch Aurora Greenway
Singer Edith Piaf
Holocaust Survivor Sophie Zawistowska
Boxer Maggie Fitzgerald
Septuagenarian Ethel Thayer
Performer Sally Bowles
Widow Tiffany Maxwell
Country Singer Loretta Lynn
Union Leader Norma Rae Webster
Flirt Gloria Wandrous
Tutor Anne Sullivan
Abused Wife Lola Delaney
Waitress Leticia Musgrove
Saleswoman Kitty Foyle
Fire Warden Jody Norris
Rape Victim Sarah Tobias
Heiress Catherine Sloper
Television Exec Diana Christensen
Prostitute Bree Daniels
Waitress Carol Connelly
Socialite Ellie Andrews
Foster Mother Leigh Anne Tuohy
Nurse Annie Wilkes
Conflicted Wife Georgie Elgin
Socialite Jerry Martin
Recluse Serafina Delle Rose
Opera Singer Paula Alquist
Congresswoman Katie Holstrom
Military Wife Sally Hyde
Professor's Wife Martha
Queen Elizabeth II
Divorceé Vickie Allessio
Retiree Daisy Werthan
Schoolteacher Jean Brodie
Southern Belle Julie Marsden
Theatre Actress Eva Lovelace
Tram Conductor Hanna Schmitz
Widow Edna Spalding
Unhappily Married Alice Aisgill

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