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Character ClueCharacter Name
Evil handyman who throws a shoe
A little green friend strong in the force
Accused of raiding Barry Manilow's wardrobe
A terribly ill English Patient
Disney heiress loves puppy fur
All work and no play makes this guy a dull boy
Musical murderer with a dog called Bullseye
The Met's finest posted to Sandford
Twice All-American from Greenbow
This guy could'a been a contender
Character ClueCharacter Name
This girl's good at three things: fighting, screwing and reading the news
The Caped Crusader's loyal butler
Escaped Azkaban convict, killed by Molly Weasley
Vito Corleone's consigliere
Owner of Globo Gym and dodgeball supremo
Autistic genius who visited Vegas with his brother
C.I.A agent with a lost identity
Police chief and shark-hunter
Member of the Avengers and Public Director of SHIELD
Wealthy Danish woman in Africa

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