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Can you name the punk rock songs from 1970's?

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LyricSong TitleBand Name
I wanna tell you, about the young ideas, but you turn them into fears...The Jam
They deal us to the bottom, but what do they put back?...Stiff Little Fingers
We will build a better tomorrow, the youth of today will be our tool...The Avengers
Just get me to the airport, put me on a plane...The Ramones
All the power's in the hands, of the people rich enough to buy it...The Clash
'Cause the money's buried deep in the bank of England, and I want the key to the vault...The Boomtown Rats
Well now I'm over the wall, I'm nearly home, I'm coming through that door, coming back to you...Sham 69
A murderer's been killed, and he donates his sight to science...The Adverts
I don’t even care if I look a mess, don’t wanna be a sucker like all the rest...The Damned
The ends must justify the means, [song title] don't mean a thing to me...Generation X
The plaster's falling off the wall, my girlfriend's crying in the shower stall...Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
And you're a prima ballerina on a spring afternoon...The New York Dolls
Hanging on the edge of my self control, looking in the mirror for the highway patrol...Radio Birdman
LyricSong TitleBand Name
I'll be a pharaoh soon, rule from some golden tomb...The Dead Boys
She looks like the sunday comics, she thinks she's Brenda Starr...Blondie
Find a ticket, win a lottery, scoop the pearls up from the sea...Patti Smith
Triangles were falling at the window as the doctor cursed...Richard Hell and the Voidoids
I got no emotions for anybody else, you better understand I'm in love with myself...The Sex Pistols
And she ain’t preconditioned, like some android slave...UK Subs
I don't know why it is that you drive me crazy...The Vibrators
Soul radiation in the dead of night, love in the middle of a fire fight...Iggy And The Stooges
Exhibition is the name, voyeurism is the game...X Ray Spex
I can't see much of a future, unless we find out what's to blame...The Buzzcocks
I'm riding on a midnight train, and everybody looks just the same...The Saints
Broadway looked so medieval, it seemed to flap, like little pages...Television
We'll run it my way, cold men and politics dead...The Germs

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