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Song LyricsSong TitleAlbum Title
I've lived long enough to have learned the closer you get to the fire the more you get burntThe Bridge
You have to learn to pace yourself (song title)The Nylon Curtain
Now I'm restless for the open waterStorm Front
She can ruin your faith with her casual liesThe Stranger
Sergeant O'leary is walking the beat at night he becomes a bartenderThe Stranger
I don't break easy, I have my pride but if you need to be satisfiedStorm Front
Closed the shop, sold his house, bought a ticket to the west coast52nd Street
And you told me not to drive but I made it home aliveGlass Houses
And he's talking with Davey who's still in the navyPiano Man
A child of sacrfifice, a child of warStorm Front
And still I feel I've said too much, my silence is my self defenceStorm Front
I was a bayman like my father was beforeStorm Front
You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowdThe Stranger
If the girl gets too close, if I need some room to escapeAn Innocent Man
I want you so bad, I think you ought to know that I intend to hold you for (song title)An Innocent Man
Song LyricsSong TitleAlbum Title
But I don't want some pretty face to tell me pretty lies52nd Street
Fool them all but baby I can tell you're no stranger to the streetGlass Houses
I've got all the symptoms and the side effects of city life anxietyThe Bridge
Didn't I swear there would be no complicationsAn Innocent Man
And when you wake up in the morning with your head on fire and your eyes to bloody to see52nd Street
Rosenbergs, H-bomb, sugar ray, panmunjomStrom Front
I'm not sure about a life after this, god knows i've never been a spiritual manRiver of Dreams
Remember Charlie, remember BakerThe Nylon Curtain
Movin' on is a chance you take anytime you try to stay togetherTurnstiles
But after all I know there is noone that can save me from myselfGlass Houses
I've seen all the movie stars in their fancy cars and their limousinesTurnstiles
Some are satin, some are steel, some are silk and some are leatherThe Stranger
Out in Bethlehem they're killing time, filling out forms, standing in lineThe Nylon Curtain
She's getting tired of her high class toysAn Innocent Man
You always have my unspoken passion, although I might not seem to careThe Stranger

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