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'Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs!Playoffs?'
'You play to win the game. Hello? You play to win the game!'
'We talkin' bout practice!Not the game, we talkin' about practice!'
'We let them off the hook!If you wanna crown them, then crown their ass!But they are who we thought they were!'
'Come after me!I'm a man, I'm 40!'
'I'm gonna shove this ball, down your f*cking throat!'
'Damn sick and tired of getting out-rebounded. 25 offensive rebounds, first time we block-out we get called for a damn block-out.'
'If I could determine what the hell he's gonna look like next year, thats just what I'm...I gotta wait 'til next year' (Pretends a glass is a crystal ball)
'Its my team...Its my quarterback.And if you guys do that man, thats unfair. We lost as a team.'
'No, No, don't go asking all these stupid ass f*cking questions. Stop all these stupid ass questions every f*cking night.'

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