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process that changes populations of organisms over time; change in gene frequencies in a population
one of the alternative forms of the same gene
variation among individuals in form and function as a result of environmental influences
locally adapted and genetically distinctive population within a species
Study of Genetics of populations
a principle that in a pop. mating at random in the absence of evolutionary forces, allele frequencies will remain constant
a form of natural selection that acts against extreme phenotypes
number of offspring contributed by an individual relative to the number of offspring produced by other members of the population
favors an extreme phenotype over other phenotypes
favors 2 or more extreme phenotypes over the average phenotype in a population.
proportion of total phenotypic variation in a trait attributable to genetic variation; determines potential for evolutionary change in a trait
measure of variation in a population or a sample from a population
Square root of variance
alternative form of a particular enzyme which differs structurally but not functionally from another allozymes coded for by diff. alleles at the same locus
location along length of a particular chromosome
a term applied to populations or species that are found in a particular locality
mating between close relatives. tends to increase levels of homozygosity in populations and often results in offspring with lower survival/reproductive rates
selective breeding techniques used to develop/maintain desirable traits in domesticated plants/animals
organisms whose genetic makeup has been modified through the process of genetic engineering, generally through the deletion of genes/insertion of novel genes, often from diff. orga
rootlike, enlarged, unerground stems of some plants from which new plants can develop
proportions of alternative forms of a gene in population of organisms
change in gene frequencies in a population due to change or random events

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