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a forest of subtropical and tropical marine shores dominated by salt-tolerant woody plants, such as rhizophora
generally refers to lakes of low nutrient content, abundant oxygen, and low primary production.
Marine life zones/organisms above the bottom
open lake beyond the littoral zone
a model that predicts change in physical structure, dominant organisms, and ecosystem processes along the length of temperate rivers.
heterotrophic organism that eats a wide range of food, usually including animal and plant matter
A long, ridgelike reef that parallels the mainland and is separated from it by a deep lagoon
Transition between aquatic environment of a river/stream and upland terrestrial environment, generally subject to periodic flooding and elevated groundwater
shallowest waters along a lake or ocean shore; where rooted aquatic plants may grow in lakes.
Predator that eats fish
depth zone in a lake/ocean through which temp. changes rapidly with depth
The salt content of water
applied to lakes and sometimes other ecosystems with high nutrient content and high biological production.
circle of low islands and coral reefs encircling a lagoon, generally formed on a submerged mountain ccalled a seamount
A coral reef that forms near the shore of an island or continent
theory of river ecology identifying periodic flooding as an essential organizer of river ecosystem structure and functioning.
movement of deeper ocean water to the surface; occurs most commonly along the west coasts of continents and around antarctica
sun-driven cycle of water through the biosphere through evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, and run-off.
Numerical classification of streams whereby they occur in a stream drainage network; headwater streams are 1st order; joining 2 first order streams are 2nd order, joining 2 2nd ord
a marine shore ecosystem dominated by herbaceous, vegetation, found mainly along sandy shores from temperate to high latitudes.
lower most part of a river, which is under the influence of the tides and is a mixture of seawater and freshwater
Zone between the highest & lowest tides among marine shores
zone below benthic zone of a stream; zone of transition between surface streamwater flow and groundwater
large-scale, circular oceanic current that moves to the right in northern hem. and left in southern hem.
middle value in a series of measurements or observations, chosen so that there are equal numbers of measurements in the series that are larger than the median and smaller than the
microscopic photosynthetic organisms that drift with the currents in open sea/lakes
a heterotrophic organism that eats insect
adjective referring to bottom of bodies of waters such as seas, lakes, or streams
animals that drift in surface of waters of oceans/lakes; most are microscopic.

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