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The responsibility for governing schools in the U.S. is given to the states by what document?
The process by which a state evaluates the credentials of prospective teachers to ensure that they have achieved satisfactory levels of teaching competence and are morally fit to w
The part of the curriculum consisting of learning experiences that go beyond the core of students' formal studies
Alternative schools that are independently operated but publicly funded
A principle meaning 'in place of parents' that requires teachers to use the same judgement and care as parents in protecting the children under their supervision
The practice of prohibiting objectionable materials, such as certain books used in libraries or in academic classes
A form of curriculum in which concepts and skills from various disciplines are combined and related
Topics left out of the course of study
A federal law, also called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), that describes who may have access to a student's educational records
A legal employment agreement between a teacher and a local school board
An approach to character education that combines service to the community with content-learning objectives
The unstated and sometimes unintended aspects of the curriculum
The stated curriculum found in textbooks, curriculum guides, and standards, as well as other planned formal educational experiences
A legal safeguard that provides job security by preventing teacher dismissal without cause
The process that occurs when a local chapter of a professional organization negotiates with a school district over the rights of the teachers and the conditions of employment
The elimination of teaching positions because of declining student enrollment or school funds
An educational option in which parents educate their children at home
A check or written document that parents can use to purchase educational services
Policies that specify limitations in the use of copyrighted materials for educational purposes
Federal laws designed to protect the intellectual property of authors, which includes printed matter, videos, computer software, and various other types of original work
The extent to which a teacher's behavior becomes known and is controversial
Federal monies provided to states and school districts with few restrictions for use
Federal grants targeted for specific groups and designated purposes

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