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Kan du alt i Internasjonale strategier i en globalisert økonomi?

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Entrepreneurs often has what from previous?
What kind of three network do we have?Skriv med ', ' mellom alternativene. Plassert i alfabetisk rekkefølge
How many windows does Ms. Solberg have?
Process theoryName one of the incremental models
Seeks to derive significant competitive advantage from the use of resourcesHvordan type bedrift er det? (Forkortellsen blir brukt i hele quizen)
If you lack a lot of it, you will have higher costs related to the internationalization process. What is it?Er fra Petersen et al. (2008)
Process theoryName one of the incremental models
Which strategy should you use where there is a high degree of pressure for local adaption and cost reduction?Er en av fire strategi valg fra en graf
If you say 'Yes' to internationalization, what kind of an investment are you doing?
Which relationship should reflect efficient organization of information and riskbearing cost?Fra Eisenhardt (1989)
What does often SME lack, but MNE has it?
The values and norms shared among an organization's employeesHva er det definisjonen på?
The eclectic theory and OLI has a trade off between risk and return, and what more?
What kind of entrymode does entrepreneurs often use when going international?
Which three staffing approach can you choose from in a global HRM?Skriv med ', ' mellom alternativene. Plassert i alfabetisk rekkefølge
What does NOT TCE and eclectic theory explain?
Who can react quickest of a SME and a MNE about implementation of CSR?
The sum of factors preventing the flow of information from and to the marketHva er det definisjonen av?
Specific characteristics of the foreign market that allow the firm to exploit its competitive advantageWhich stage of the OLI is it the definition of?
In TCE, what kind of level of control is preferable until proven otherwise?
New market conditions, technological development and network are the driving forces for...
Need to make a cost/benefit analysis of the options.Hvilken teori er det snakk om?
Which theory was criticised for not looking at the overall strategy of the firm?Krever navnet på hele teorien
Process theoryEr overordnet navn jeg er ute etter. Uzzi har en av disse tre
Which three variables does Hill et al. (1990) mention about entry mode decision?Skriv med ', ' mellom alternativene. Plassert i alfabetisk rekkefølge
Knowledge based resources to the sale of outputs in multiple countriesHvordan type bedrift er det

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