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Can you name the words/phrases that contain the letters IDES sequentially??

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ClueIDES word/phrase
For deserts, it's the Atacama
Confucius said the only men that never change are the wisest and the...?
For streets, it's Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires
Kelsey Grammer's Simpsons role
Kristen Wiig's Oscar nomination was for this movie
Baltimore Orioles AAA affiliate - The Norfolk ______
Information service specializing in nonprofits
When a surface appears to change color based on angle of viewing
ClueIDES word/phrase
Another name for carpool
The position of the movie camera showing the most action
Car thieves take lots of these
What Powerpoint will help you create
Band responsible for 'Ain't That Grand?'
Politicians regularly do this to questions
What Pontius Pilate asked Jesus
One way to swim across the pool

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