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Forced Order
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What is the name of Robert De Niro's (Scott Schutzmann's) character
And James Woods' (Rusty Jacobs') character
What item is intended to give to Peggy in exchange for a hand job
Who does Noodles spy on through a small hole whilst they are dancing
How many acts of Rape are committed in the film
These acts were to whom
Both acts were committed by
Who of the original 5 boys gets fatally shot by Bugsy
What does Noodles do in retaliation
How many years does Noodles spend in prison
What is Max's gift to Noodles after being released from prison
Which actor who starred in the Rocky films appears quite briefly before being shot in the eye by the gang
Who is the actor who introduces the gang to Joe (Burt Young)
What do these two gentlemen want the gang to retrieve
What are the gang wearing when they attempt to steal the diamonds that they later re-wear in order for carol to recognise them
Who does Carol believe raped her when her and the gang re-meet
Police officer Whitley is more commonly referred to as
Whom do Noodles Max and Patsy catch Whitley having sex with
What religion are the boys
What does Noodles show Peggy that doesn't provoke the desired reaction

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