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There maybe other people like us Who see the flicker of the clipper when they light up Flames just create us, burns don't heal like before
This tower is alive The lights that blind keep me awake With my hood up and lace untied Sleep fills my mind
If we go to Brighton I’ll take you along the Pier Everything will lighten up If you feel too frightened
Like my blue ripped jeans And my eyes are closed And I’m way too tired Hoody still smells of the beach bonfire
And now I always been **** at computer games Because your brother always beats me
Another tear Another cry Another place for us to die It's not complicated
And I won’t be a product of my genre My mind will always be stronger than my songs are
You are the one that make me loose it all You are the start of something new, oh
If we take a walk out In the morning dew We could lay down So I’m next to you
On a late night Coming home from way too many train rides Lace not as red as my face I'm home at the same time
this is just the worst way to spend your birthday it's 30 degrees, Thursday you work late,
My eyes are a river filler, This drink is a liver killer, My chest is a pillow for your weary head to lay to rest again,
A man may drink and not be drunk A man may fight and not be slain A man may court a pretty girl And perhaps be welcomed back again
Little one, lie with me Sew your heart to my sleeve We'll stay quiet Underneath shooting stars
When we never even tried We never even talked We never even thought in the long run

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